Adaptive Suite 2017.2 Release Overview

The new Adaptive Suite 2017.2 continues to deliver easy, powerful, and fast planning and analytics software to both finance and business users with self-service analytics, end-user configurable time modeling, and an intuitive and flexible modeling experience.

Next-Generation Visual Analytics

Next-Generation Visual Analytics - Adaptive Discovery

Unprecedented Self-Service Analytics

Our next-generation visual analytics puts the power of self-service interactive dashboards, visualizations, and charts into your hands to monitor and drive business performance. Visualize numbers and charts side-by-side while you plan, easily see variances in a waterfall chart, personalize dashboards with your own KPIs, and perform period-over-period analysis. With new interactive dashboards that enable unprecedented self-service analytics access for finance and business users across the organization, it’s easy to plan and adapt without compromise.

Flexible Time Modeling

Flexible Time Modeling

Measure, Model, and View Time How You Define It

Flexible time modeling provides powerful, end-user configured time modeling.This means that you can plan with the fiscal calendar of your choice, whether that is a 4-4-5 or 13 period calendar, semesters or trimesters, or you can define your own custom fiscal calendar. And you can plan to the level many businesses require with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and half-year granularity. With flexible time modeling, your fiscal calendar can match your exact business needs with a completely configurable calendar.

Hear Workday Adaptive Planning' finance director, Tom Peff, share some of his favorite features in the 2017.2 release.



  • More advanced formula expressions to create powerful global formulas whose behavior or results can vary based on a location’s account, time period, dimensions, and attributes
  • Cube sheet linking gives modelers an easier and faster way to build links in a cube sheet that relate to another sheet and still allow data entry in the cube
  • Filter dimension values in enhanced modeled sheets based on the attribute values you select. This makes tasks such as data entry faster and error-free
  • Flexible time modeling lets you plan with the fiscal calendar of your choice and at any granularity with a completely configurable calendar 


  • Apply multiple filters to an entire workbook, including the ability to change versions with a single click (Adaptive OfficeConnect)
  • Single sign-on support with the Adaptive Suite's authentication module (Adaptive OfficeConnect & Excel Interface for Planning)


  • New “Display As” features with powerful options to define how you display values in a report


    • Easier and more powerful multi-currency models with weighted-average currency translation and cumulative translation adjustment at all levels on reports


    • Enhanced saved searches with the Adaptive Integration NetSuite Adapter let users quickly and easily extract a wide range of data from NetSuite
    • Support for OAuth 2.0 compliant cloud-based systems to import data, such as Google Docs and Dropbox


    • In only minutes, create, personalize, and share powerful interactive dashboards
    • A broad portfolio of widgets including Utilize Bar, Column, Line, Area, Pie, Doughnut, Gauge, KPI Gauge, Pyramid, Funnel, and Waterfall charts, and Scorecards
    • Use Presentation mode to share up-to-the-minute information by displaying visualizations and charts from the dashboard, or add them to documents as .PNG files for easy distribution and collaboration

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