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Sophisticated Financial Models Reveal Actionable Insights for Apptio

Aligning business planning to performance metrics goals enables better decision-making

  • Apptio provides cloud-based advanced data and analytics applications that help IT leaders understand where they are spending money on technology investments and how they can generate more value and do it more efficiently. To achieve continued growth, the company depends on its operational business leaders to accurately and strategically plan the business going forward. Meeting this need, Apptio is taking advantage of a comprehensive, easy-to-use corporate performance solution across its entire organisation. With the Adaptive Suite, all stakeholders are leveraging a sophisticated set of powerful financial models and reporting to better understand how plans and decisions directly relate to performance metrics that are most important to the business.


    • Providing actionable data and insights quickly and easily to decision makers across a growing organisation

    • Capturing and tracking an expanding amount of data and business metrics

    • Expanding financial modelling capabilities to improve planning and forecasting


    • Faster and more reliable reporting and analytics gives business partners clear picture of what’s emerging for their business areas, versus reacting to circumstances

    • Alignment of organisational decision-making informed by a variety of revenue and expense KPIs

    • Powerful modelling capabilities forecast future state of the business with increased accuracy of revenue and cash flow projections

  • About:

    Apptio, founded in 2007, develops advanced data and analytics applications that help IT leaders understand and make informed decisions about their technology investments. Apptio calls this Technology Business Management. Its applications help companies align technology spending to business outcomes and automate IT processes like cost transparency, benchmarking, chargeback and planning. More than 40% of the Fortune 100 use Apptio as their business system of record for IT.

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