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Flexibility Puts Enterprise Healthcare CRM Platform in Control of Decision-Making

Data Integration in Single Source Delivers Comprehensive, Multi-Dimensional View

Since the use of Adaptive, I feel my confidence level has grown in the ability to analyze the data more efficiently and more holistically.

Mitch Feinberg, Senior Analyst of Finance, Evariant

  • As an enterprise platform company that delivers business intelligence to dynamic hospital settings, Evariant needed the best of both worlds to manage its financial performance. The company discovered the Adaptive Suite, a solution that mirrors the same flexibility as what Evariant brings to the healthcare industry. Evariant gained a 360-degree view of business drivers and performance through what-if scenarios, revenue forecasting, and data integration. Customisable features, such as assigning role-based security while maintaining clear access to financial models, delivered consistency and control in the decision-making process.


    • Spreadsheets lacked ability to assign budget collaboration permissions and data security
    • Difficulty conducting what-if scenario planning
    • Reliance on backward-looking ad hoc reports provided inconsistent decision support


    • Real-time access to information needed for executive decision-making
    • Improved process to forecast revenue and cash with drill-down capabilities
    • Access to historical and forecast data delivered an enhanced view of company business drivers and performance
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    Evariant sees a future where healthcare organisations deliver precise, efficient care solutions not only inside an organisation’s walls, but also beyond. The cloud software provider makes this a reality by continuously innovating a healthcare CRM platform capable of identifying, executing, and measuring all types of engagement initiatives. The result is greater visibility into opportunities, richer engagement with key constituents, and continuous measurement and improvement.

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