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ITE Group Stays Ahead in Global Marketplace With Currency, Geographical Integration

Trade Organiser Expands to Emerging Global Markets With Automation Reporting

  • ITE Group thrives on a global stage. The conference and trade exhibition planner organises events in 15 countries with staff located in 27 offices worldwide. As operations grew, relying on Excel spreadsheets became unrealistic. ITE Group needed a performance management solution that handles data involving multiple regional offices, agencies, and currencies. Adaptive Planning, part of the Adaptive Suite, delivered that scalability. Consolidating data, such as price assumptions and currency rates, took minutes instead of days. Automation of processes and other reporting features delivered immediate value to the organisation, empowering ITE Group to expand its reach to emerging global markets.


    • Heavily relied on spreadsheets to manage global budget process
    • Annual budget cycle took three to four months
    • Difficult to conduct management reporting, reforecasting, or easily share reports


    • Met two month deadline to implement Adaptive software  
    • Data accessibility empowered budget collaborators to identify potential issues
    • Cloud-based, real-time functionality saved time on consolidating and making data changes


  • About:

    Established in the early 1990s, the ITE Group organises over 200 trade exhibitions and conferences each year across 15 countries, and employs over 1,000 people in 27 offices worldwide. ITE generates 180 million GBP annually by organising leading trade exhibitions and conferences in growing and developing markets, including Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, India, and Uzbekistan.

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