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Performance Management Tools Shift Focus to Strategy for Leading Camera Retailer

Lytro Gains Big Picture View, Drill-Down Capabilities of Finances

Lytro is redefining how we experience pictures, Adaptive is redefining how we do planning and forecasting.

Dan Morgan, CFO

  • Lytro built its cameras on flexibility. Its technology captures everything in a scene and pairs it with the ability to shift the focus afterward. Lytro needed similar “living pictures” of its financial performance. Workday Adaptive Planning provided a 360 view on performance with the capability to drill-down multiple directions with a click of a button. Instead of days or hours, forecasting and planning took mere minutes. The accelerated processes led to more time to identify business drivers and make strategic decisions. Similar to how Lytro revolutionized photography, a redefined financial planning and forecasting experience moves the business forward.


    • Multiple days required to complete forecasts
    • Needed performance management tools that support lean operations
    • Lacked finance staff to create forecasts


    • Create forecasts in minutes
    • Intuitive interface makes Workday Adaptive Planning software easier to learn compared to Excel
    • Self-service reporting tools put focus on business strategy rather than number-crunching
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    Lytro is revolutionizing the imaging industry with light field enabled hardware and software to unlock new applications for photography, video, 3D, virtual reality, and additional areas yet to be discovered.

    Mountain View, CA