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UK-based Digital Media Company Opens Data Pipeline With Seamless Integration of Connectors, Sources, Spreadsheets

Salesforce Data Compatibility Makes Difference in Increased Accuracy, Insight

We’ve cut our data validation and aggregation process by three days each month; Adaptive has really delivered a quick ROI in productivity improvement alone.

Steven Priscott, CFO

  • Thriving in an evolving industry like digital and social engagement takes insight into revenue-generating growth. That’s the opportunity facing Sift, a U.K.-based digital media company. Adaptive Planning, part of the Adaptive Suite, delivered a solution that measures and accelerates growth across all its business lines. Elimination of repetitive tasks allowed for more time to reflect and analyze data. Sift slashed the data validation and aggregation process by three days each month, for a total savings of 36 days by the end of the year. Understanding complex revenue streams enabled managers to collaborate and identify drivers of financial performance, fueling better insights for confident decision-making.


    • Needed data integration with other systems like Salesforce
    • Reporting functionality did not support weekly forecasts
    • Required seamless collaboration among several departments working on different areas in the financial process


    • Accelerated monthly close and reporting cycles by 36 days over the course of a year
    • Automated scenario modeling for more informed strategic acquisition decision-making
    • Integration with Salesforce software improved insight into revenue sources for more precise rolling forecasts
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    Bristol-based Sift is one of the UK’s top digital media experts. Through its three unique business lines, Sift works with over 1,500 organisations to engage audiences and deliver online business solutions. And, as Sift CFO Steven Priscott explained, the company uses the cloud-based Adaptive Suite to measure and accelerate growth across all of its business lines.

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