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What-if analysis makes financial planning no gamble

Online gaming operator uses scenario planning to predict market fluctuations and ensure profits

When we sit down with senior management, looking at the number and projections, it’s really easy for us to play with scenarios and take them through what-if analysis. They can test their questions and their assumptions of where the market is going, and what that means for us as a business

Neil Banbury, FP&A manager

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  • With industry regulations changing quickly, gaming operators need to be prepared for multiple scenarios to ensure they’re not taking a gamble on their bottom line. Using Workday Adaptive Planning, Unibet has streamlined its financial planning process, making its planning cycle far quicker and more accurate. The finance team now focuses its time on conducting scenario planning and what-if analysis to ensure the business is always one step ahead of the game.


    • A market with fast changing regulation
    • Time consuming, clunky, and risky financial planning process, using over 100 interlinked spreadsheets
    • A fast growing organisation with new acquisitions to consolidate


    • Twelve weeks saved in planning cycle
    • The ability to easily factor regulation changes into projections
    • Tools to do scenario planning and present analysis to senior management
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