Workday Adaptive Planning for sales planning

Increase sales performance and optimise your go-to-market strategy.

High-performance sales planning for fast-moving sales teams

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Sales capacity and headcount

  • Rep headcount and attrition planning
  • Sales expense and compensation planning
  • Productivity, seasonality, coverage, rep tenure
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Territory and quota

  • Sales territory scoring, design, and management
  • Geo-based and explicit account assignments
  • Bookings targets and deployed sales rep quotas
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Sales analysis and forecasting

  • Monitoring and visualisation of sales metrics
  • Sales forecasting and pipeline management
  • Real-time what-if scenario planning

Staff and ramp sales teams for success

Build detailed bottom-up sales staffing plans to model planned rep hires, ramping schedules, and attrition. Run what-if scenarios in real time via a flexible, intuitive dashboard interface. Analyse coverage and gaps to plan. Add headcount, push out hire dates, change ramping assumptions, plan for attrition, and see impacts to sales capacity in real time.

Create an optimal sales capacity plan

Transform planning chaos into beautiful order with Workday Adaptive Planning for sales.

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Balance and assign territories faster

Optimise territories to ensure every rep can support his or her quota, and ensure that quotas are in line with available market opportunity. Import TAM, lead, opportunity, and customer data sets from CRM and marketing automation systems. Segment and score your market by geography, company size, vertical, and product attributes. Assign territories to reps via named accounts or by geography/segment, and then analyse and optimise for balance.

Design successful territories to unleash sales performance

Link your sales plan with your corporate plan to improve efficiency and productivity.

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