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Demand forecasting software for energy & utility providers

The world’s largest energy providers run Workday Adaptive Planning to help them effectively forecast demand and align capital expenditures and labour costs across multiple plants and locations.

Budgeting and expense management for today's energy providers

Plan and budget across different departments, generation plants, and geographic locations. Model revenue streams and trading strategies. Monitor critical cost metrics across remote power generation plants, track costs associated with capital projects, plan fixed assets and equipment depreciation, and even manage scheduled downtime.

Self-service planning and analytics, right down to the plant level

Put intuitive, always accessible planning and analytics software into the hands of remote plant managers. Workday Adaptive Planning offers cloud-based reporting capabilities and dashboards that make it easy for managers across different locations to monitor operational KPIs and take appropriate action in a timely manner.

Forecast and plan for demand, then align revenue and expenses

Deploy capital spend and labour efficiently in the face of ever-increasing energy demand. Align capital projects based on projected demand and seasonality, and forecast labour costs. Get quick visibility into profitability so you can better manage margins. Workday Adaptive Planning gives you the flexibility to plan and model effectively across different parts of the business, such as generation, distribution, grid operations, and trading.

KPIs at your fingertips: margins, utilisation, capacity, and more

Our dashboards deliver instant visibility—from corporate headquarters to plants—into KPIs such as capital expenditures, utilisation, capacity, energy costs, outages, personnel costs, and more. Slice and dice dimensions and metrics like energy type, capital category, safety, output, efficiency, and much more. No more spreadsheets, no more guesswork.

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