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We are thrilled to have you as a customer and excited to help you get the most out of your Workday Adaptive Planning journey. Our expert staff will work with you to understand what kind of experience you’re seeking, as well as what you expect to achieve. Then we will leverage our knowledge from thousands of customer engagements to provide direction, guidance, and options for your finance transformation journey. The Workday Adaptive Planning team is here to support your success at all stages of your journey.

What Resources Are Available to Me?


Your account manager not only manages the sales process before you purchase the product, but will continue to be a resource if you have any questions about adding additional Workday Adaptive Planning products or add-ons, partnering with your customer success manager (CSM), etc.

Your CSM is here to ensure you get the most value out of your Workday Adaptive Planning products. Your CSM will work with you on executing renewal contracts and be your main point of contact for escalations and issues. In addition to serving as an everyday resource for your Workday Adaptive Planning deployment, your CSM can provide you with information on additional training resources, products, demos, and exploring other product features.

Contact: customersuccess@adaptiveinsights.com

Professional Services

If you have chosen to work with Workday Adaptive Planning for your initial implementation, Professional Services will be your main point of contact during the deployment. Experts will work directly with you to understand your business requirements, using proven best practices to construct Adaptive models and educating primary and end users on the system. Resources are also available to integrate other systems into the Adaptive models.

Certified Partners

Workday Adaptive Planning has an ecosystem of partners committed to ensuring a successful and seamless deployment. Our partners are trained and certified on Workday Adaptive Planning products and solutions. They are often industry leaders with deep expertise and specialized competencies, including knowledge of complementary solutions and broad system integration and business consulting experience. Our partner ecosystem is global, so your support is always nearby.

You can learn more about our featured partners and search for a partner near you at http://www.adaptiveinsights.com/partners.

The Training Center has 50+ hours of self-paced courses that includes videos, how-to demonstrations, knowledge checks, and for many courses, a personalized training environment.

Please visit the Training & Education page https://www.adaptiveinsights.com/services/training-and-education

Our customer-centric support organization is here to assist you with any technical issues or general product functionality questions. You can submit a support request via the following ways:

  • Email your request to support@adaptiveinsights.com
  • Call us: U.S.: +1 (650) 810-0556 | U.K.: +441183240708
  • Within Adaptive, go to Support > Product Support and Forms or log in here and use the Knowledge Base to track your request. (Note, you will need to be able to log in to the system to access the link.)

For information about response times and service options, please visit our support page.

You also can join Adaptive Torchbearers, our online customer community, where you can access exclusive benefits by participating in learning, feedback, early software releases, group interaction, and more. Sign up here to join your peers.

How Do I Get Started?


Workday Adaptive Planning typically sends login information to the project contact within two business days. If you do not receive an email from Workday Adaptive Planning with your credentials, contact your account manager.

Visit this page to access basic training materials for free. Note, you will need your Workday Adaptive Planning login credentials to access this content.

To begin working with Workday Adaptive Planning Professional Services, complete the Implementation Readiness eLearning and Readiness Assessment. You can access the training by logging in to the Training Center.

If you have purchased eLearning and have received your eLearning credentials, you can start accessing the Learning courses in the Training Center.

For a full list of training available to you, review our course catalog.

With the Customer Success Journey Library, you can find information about planning, discovery, financial reporting, revenue, and more. Your Customer Success Journey Library provides information for both the end user and admins.

Note: You will need login credentials to access the content in Customer Success Journey Library.

Here are some assets that customers have found particularly valuable:

If you’re interested in how Workday Adaptive Planning is using Adaptive to run its planning and weekly forecast processes, check out this webcast.

Many of our customers start with expense planning. Here’s a set of resources to get you started on managing your expense planning.

With Workday Adaptive Planning, you are no longer constrained by the limitations of Excel. Adaptive is designed to help you accurately plan and forecast your workforce with minimum administration.

Once you have your data in Adaptive, learn how to create a budget variance report and other useful reports.

You can access all Product Documentation for the Adaptive Suite here, including the Adaptive Suite Administrator Guide, Planning User Guides, QuickSheet for Adaptive Discovery Admins, and Release Notes.

Note: You will need login credentials to access Product Documentation.


A: A separate email will come from Training with your login information for eLearning. You will generally receive it within two business days of receiving your Adaptive login credentials.

A: If you have purchased eLearning or have training credit*, your Adaptive Training Center credentials will be emailed separately. Once you receive your credentials, log in to the Training Center. Customers who have purchased additional eLearning users and need them to be set up in the Training Center, please email training@adaptiveinsights.com.

*Training credit: Please allow two business days for the voucher ID to be activated in the Adaptive Training Center. This voucher ID will be visible and available to anyone from your organization who is registered in the Adaptive Training Center.

A: Go to Menu in the upper left corner:

Admin Add User New User

Fill out the required fields (name, username, and password).

Assign an appropriate role and level access:


Remember to send user login information to the additional user(s).

Your invoice will be emailed to the main contact provided on the order form. If you need assistance with your invoice or need an additional copy, email jwilstead@adaptiveinsights.com.

Training is designed to provide general guidelines for how to set up and use the Adaptive Suite. The Customer Success Journey Library offers information about use cases and your own requirements. For example, there are demos, best practices, and ideas about how you might want to use the product.

If you have signed an SOW, you should hear from Adaptive Professional Services within 10 business days of signing the contract. Please contact your account manager if you do not hear from Adaptive Professional Services by then.

Visit this page to access basic training materials for free. Note, you will need your Workday Adaptive Planning login credentials to access this content.