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Full Steam Ahead: On Board with Automated Financial Reporting & Analysis

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Automation can either put CFOs on track for finance transformation or derail their efforts. Success will depend on automating the right things, while also infusing teams with the technology savvy and mindset needed to deliver true business agility. The first stop on that journey will be to automate repetitive and transactional tasks that today consume the majority of an FP&A team’s time.

This CFO Indicator report details the opportunities and challenges of driving automation in common financial and reporting processes.

This CFO Indicator will cover:

  • The top three priorities for CFOs regarding automation
  • How increased speed from automation fuels finance's strategic role
  • How far along different finance organizations are in their automation projects
  • The surprising role of cost reductions in automation (hint: it's not that why finance teams are investing in automation)
  • The common barriers that companies looking to automate most often encounter
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