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  • For a publishing company like Active Interest Media, adapting to the digital age takes insight into multiple revenue streams and real-time impact to the company bottom line. That’s why company executives turned to Workday Adaptive Planning. The intuitive features in Workday Adaptive Planning effortlessly provided key financial information and metrics, keeping leaders informed with the latest performance data. The finance team evolved into the analytical hub for decision-making guidance. The ability to analyze data according to specific goals–and changing them on the fly delivered the much-needed edge to compete in a digital media landscape.


    • Weeklong consolidation and review of monthly budgets
    • Required additional time to review spreadsheets for data accuracy
    • Finance role was focused on pushing around numbers


    • Faster consolidation process accelerated annual budget ahead of schedule
    • Intuitive and sophisticated interface delivered real-time performance data across the company
    • Better understanding and tracking of specific goals
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    With more than 40 million readers in 85 countries around the world, Active Interest Media is one of the world’s leading consumer enthusiast media companies publishing many of the top enthusiast media properties, including Yoga Journal, Backpacker, The Box, Vegetarian Times, Yachts International, and more.
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Workday Adaptive Planning has helped me evolve my role from pushing around numbers, to really breaking down data and providing analysis that leads to better decisions.

Craig Rucker, Vice President, Finance

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Intuitive Seamless Fit

Rucker began by implementing Workday Adaptive Planning which was "a seamless fit" when it came to providing key financial information in the intuitive, sophisticated, and efficient way the team needed.

"We showed executives how the system worked and how easy it was for people across the company to update financial performance data within Workday Adaptive Planning," Rucker said. "They quickly bought into the solution."

Workday Adaptive Planning was so well-received that Rucker decided to add the Workday Adaptive Planning analytics function. He also implemented Adaptive OfficeConnect that completely connected and automatically synched with Workday Adaptive Planning data.

"We have multiple revenue streams modeled in Workday Adaptive Planning, and they all have different drivers with various assumptions that are critical to our model," Rucker explained. "So real-time reporting with OfficeConnect is very valuable to us because we can give our CEO financial reports that clearly show where we currently stand and what our bottom line is across each revenue stream individually."

Operational Hub Weaves Company Data Together

Rucker's finance team has become the operational hub that weaves together all the important financial data within organization. Rather than proofing numbers within spreadsheets, Rucker now focuses more time on better understanding what the data is saying about the business and providing decision-making guidance to the executive team.

"Workday Adaptive Planning has helped me evolve my role from pushing around numbers, to really breaking down data and providing analysis that leads to better decisions," he said.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Rucker has helped department leaders develop metrics and KPIs in Workday Adaptive Planning that help teams better understand how they are tracking to specific goals. And if changes need to be made to plans or forecasts as a result of changing goals, those changes are all rolled-up to the highest level P/L reports so that executive decision-makers are continually armed with the most up-to-date reports.

"The ability to slice and dice information in Workday Adaptive Planning and look at data in several different ways is incredibly helpful to us," Rucker said. "Combine that with data accuracy and continuous access to real-time performance metrics, and that's a significant competitive differentiator for our entire organization."

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