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With the insight gained from Workday Adaptive Planning, we really can optimize our software and serve our customers and help them fulfill their missions.

Bas Brux, CFO

  • Clarabridge software delivers visibility into customer relationship management, and the company sought similar insight into its financial performance. Financial management with Excel required too much time, and multiple spreadsheet versions created confusion and inaccuracies. After turning to Workday Adaptive Planning, Clarabridge found a solution that provides continuous feedback for leveraging key drivers rather than solely managing information. The ability to create accurate international expansion models enabled Clarabridge to confidently pursue growth opportunities into new markets. Actionable insights gleaned from Workday Adaptive Planning continuously help Clarabridge optimize its software to better serve its customers.


    • Lacked a single comprehensive source of data (single version of truth)
    • Lengthy process to extract analytics from spreadsheets
    • Spreadsheet-based financial management increased risk of inaccurate data


    • Created accurate international expansion business models
    • Timely reports and analysis empowered data-driven decision making
    • Able to quickly evaluate acquisitions and distribute information to stakeholders
  • About:
    Clarabridge’s customer experience management platform helps hundreds of the world’s leading brands understand and improve the customer journey. Powered by the industry’s most sophisticated customer analytics engine, Clarabridge collects and transforms all forms of customer feedback into intelligence, allowing businesses to activate the voice of the customer across the enterprise. Industry leaders including PetSmart, United Airlines, L’Oréal USA, Virgin Active, Rackspace, and ADP use Clarabridge insights to inform key business decisions.
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