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Workday Adaptive Planning’ reporting and drill-down functionality is helping budget owners really look at and track their expenses for the departments.

Asif Datoo, Controller, Cleo

  • Cleo is a global company with a unique vision—to help companies connect with their partners. To do this, they’ve worked to create a very successful ecosystem integration that provides customers with the tools they need to link their systems with their partners’. But Cleo’s success came with growing pains—particularly in the finance department. Relying on spreadsheets to do the heavy lifting of budgeting, forecasting, and analysis meant long hours and late nights manually reconciling data from disparate systems, generating reports, and creating plans. Something needed to change.

    Today, with the support of key partner, Cohn Reznick, Cleo leverages Workday Adaptive Planning to bring faster, more accurate and robust reporting and insights to company leaders, and to lay the groundwork for future growth and success.


    • Outdated tools—Long hours and long nights assembling data in spreadsheets and generating reports was inefficient and ineffective.
    • Manual, error-prone processes—Spreadsheet permissions had to be granted manually, numbers often didn’t tie, and inconsistencies became a regular occurrence.
    • Inaccessible data—When anyone had questions about the numbers, finance had to investigate manually. The organization relied on finance when they needed to access reports, budgets, or forecasts.


    • Modern, cloud-based tools—Freed from reconciling spreadsheets and chasing broken links, finance can now provide the strategic insights the company needs to support key decisions.
    • Automated processes—Reconciling numbers between data sources, and generating accurate, up-to-date reports is easier now with the Business Planning Cloud.
    • Detailed, accessible data—With Workday Adaptive Planning, anyone in the organization can drill down to investigate variances, or answer questions from executives.
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    Cleo is a software company that provides B2B/EDI, application, data, and cloud integration solutions for today's business ecosystems.
    Loves Park, IL
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Eight to 10 hours is what expect to be saving with the help of Workday Adaptive Planning.

Asif Datoo, Controller, Cleo