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  • Extensive, global growth resulted in EQ struggling with fragmented data across multiple, outdated systems for finance, HR, and payroll. The need for an agile solution was brought sharply into focus when EQ took on a carve out acquisition from a larger company that required brand new finance and HR processes to be in place at completion of the acquisition: a 16-week window. This meant EQ urgently needed to identify applications and deploy them first at the acquisition, then companywide.

    EQ chose Workday largely due to the agility it enables, which COVID-19 demonstrated very clearly. The company went live globally with Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management during the pandemic and was able to close its books remotely for the first time, run its payroll, and use Workday Prism Analytics to discover key insights. In fact, because of the need to interrogate large complex data sets remotely, EQ used Workday Prism Analytics to derive more insights within a few weeks of COVID-19’s onset than they had in the previous 18 months.

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