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The role of finance is moving into a place of more value. We’re not just doing budgets, but providing intelligent data to support better conversations.

Paul Nobilo, Finance Manager

  • For 75 years, Gallagher’s relentless drive to solve customers’ challenges has spurred growth into new business areas and regions and has established the company as a global leader in solutions for animal management, security, fuel systems, and contract manufacturing. But that growth also resulted in a complex structure for planning and forecasting. The finance team was spending three months on annual planning and had limited ability to model and plan for different scenarios.

    Implementing Workday Adaptive Planning helped the team to finally step away from the detail and take a more strategic approach. With the support of implementation partner GK Horizons, the rollout was completed in less than six weeks and the benefits were almost immediate. Annual budgets now take just six weeks, and reforecasts can be completed in three days. In addition, business teams now have real-time access to the data they need to manage their own budgets.


    • Growing complexity—With diverse business divisions and distributors in 100 countries, budgets and forecasts were difficult to produce and involved complex calculations, foreign currency conversions and consolidation
    • No room for agility—A three-month annual budgeting process and the difficulty of updating budgets and forecasts limited the business’s responsiveness to change
    • Lack of budget ownership—Teams didn’t have the tools or data they needed to take control and accountability for their own budgets


    • Easy and streamlined planning—Workday Adaptive Planning provides a simple structure for budgets and reports and automates complex currency calculations
    • Dynamic planning and forecasting—Annual budgeting now takes six weeks, reforecasts can be completed in three days, and the business is moving toward scenario planning based on AI
    • Teams empowered and accountable—Teams now have real-time access to finance data and can make changes on the fly to manage their own budgets
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    Gallagher is a global leader in the innovation, manufacture, and marketing of animal management, security, fuel systems, and contract manufacturing solutions. Headquartered in New Zealand, the company has established an extensive distribution channel around the world consisting of regional offices, joint ventures, and independent third-party distributors. This model has helped the group expand into the successful, multimillion-dollar global company it is today.
    Hamilton, New Zealand
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In my twenty-five years working in finance, Workday Adaptive Planning is the first budgeting solution I’ve come across that has been this easy and intuitive to use.

Paul Nobilo, Finance Manager

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Eight to 10 hours is what expect to be saving with the help of Workday Adaptive Planning.