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The reporting Workday Adaptive Planning provides is rock solid and we can now map trends in a way that we never could before.

Justin Evans, CFO, HELP Enterprises

  • HELP Enterprises is a social enterprise with a commercial mindset that operates several businesses which help fund services and employment for people with disability. Each of these businesses as well as HELP's charity initiatives have unique budgeting, forecasting, and reporting requirements. As the organization grew, these requirements became too complex to manage using spreadsheets. HELP needed a more powerful solution for finance that would put an end to broken formulas and enable strategic analysis.

    Today, using Workday Adaptive Planning, HELP's finance team is able to manage budgeting, forecasting, and reporting for all of the organization’s businesses and services with ease. Implemented by GK Horizons, the solution provides HELP with the flexibility to model and report on a wide range of metrics that underpin its mission. These include everything from manufacturing KPIs to employment statistics. Finance can also drill down into the data to provide stakeholders with value-added insights they can use to sustain organizational growth.


    • Diverse finance requirements—Each of HELP’s commercial businesses and support services had widely different budgeting, forecasting, and reporting needs.
    • Spreadsheets no longer fit-for-purpose–After doubling revenue and headcount, HELP required a finance solution that could handle more metrics, more efficiently.
    • Risk of errors and rework—As HELP pushed spreadsheets to the limit, there was greater risk of formula errors and models breaking down.
    • Limited strategic analysis—The time spent comparing month-on-month and year-on-year data in spreadsheets limited time available to strategic analysis.


    • A single, flexible solution for finance—The Business Planning Cloud simplified the complexity of budgeting, forecasting, and reporting for diverse businesses with a wide range of KPIs.
    • Modern and agile planning and reporting—Powerful modeling and reporting capabilities help finance keep pace with the growing organisation and provide stakeholders with more data for decision-making.
    • Reduced risk—Broken models and formulas are no longer an issue, making budgeting and forecasting more accurate and efficient.
    • Detailed trend reporting—The ability to drill down into P&L and KPI data allows finance to provide stakeholders with value-added insights to further the organization’s mission.
  • About:
    HELP Enterprises is an Australian social enterprise that provides infrastructure and services to enhance the lifestyle and independence of people with disability. HELP’s charitable services are funded through several commercial initiatives that also provide direct employment opportunities for those with disability.
    Eagle Farm, Queensland

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Workday Adaptive Planning provides us with a single source of truth for a wide range of KPIs that are critical to our mission.

Justin Evans, CFO, HELP Enterprises