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  • Infoblox knows what it takes to process large amounts of data. The tech company specializes in quality computer hardware and networking tools to manage technology data, but that’s only half the battle; gleaning actionable insights takes efficient and streamlined processes. Infoblox bridged the gap with software from Workday Adaptive Planning. With one click, Infoblox seamlessly integrated data from other sources and produced forecasts, profit and loss statements, and the latest data for executives and the board. Without needing IT support, Infoblox quickly consolidated performance data involving multiple currencies from 25 office locations. Improved collaboration, budget ownership, and a deeper understanding of the impact to the bottom line led to a 700% revenue growth over seven years.


    • Needed a more intuitive view of performance metrics to share across departments
    • Desired a higher standard of data accountability
    • Sought better understanding of factors that impact the bottom line


    • Improved visibility into growth opportunities
    • Intuitive interface increased sense of ownership over plans and budgets
    • More reliable and faster process for consolidating multi-currency plans and reports


  • About:
    Infoblox delivers network control solutions, the fundamental technology that connects end users, devices, and networks. These solutions enable approximately 8,000 enterprises and service providers to transform, secure, and scale complex networks. Infoblox helps take the burden of complex network control out of human hands, reduce costs, and increase security, accuracy, and uptime.
    Santa Clara, CA
    Software and technology

Workday Adaptive Planning has helped us plan, measure, and model what-if scenarios, and make decisions. Our finance team has more time to analyze data and provide better business advice to the rest of the organization, which is critical to our company’s growth.

Jonas Hallman, Senior Manager FP&A

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Connecting the ‘Blox' with OfficeConnect

One of the solutions the Infoblox team has come to rely on is Adaptive OfficeConnect. According to Hallman, the fi nance team uses OfficeConnect to automatically refresh presentation-quality monthly and quarterly reporting.  

"We spend a lot less time creating reports and more time analyzing the data," he said. "We do full P/L reporting with a lot of detail, bring in all actuals from Oracle into Workday Adaptive Planning and combine this with our forecast going forward. And with OfficeConnect, it's a one-click refresh for executive and board reporting."

Accelerated Monthly Consolidation

Expanding its network control technology services to locations in 25 countries, each using local currencies, the company's finance team is tasked with consolidating those financial performance figures each month. By replacing the team's previous use of Excel spreadsheets with Workday Adaptive Planning and OfficeConnect, Hallman has created a more reliable and faster process for consolidating multi-currency plans and reports into a single view.

"Our financial consolidation process takes about 30 minutes with Workday Adaptive Planning, without IT intervention," Hallman said. "And when the finance and IT departments can each focus more time on value added projects, that's a huge benefit to the entire organization."

Intuitive Analytics for Everyone  to Understand Performance

The Infoblox finance team today has a more intuitive view of performance metrics to share across departments, improving company-wide collaboration, and establishing a higher standard of data accountability. As a result, Infoblox executives gain quicker access to key performance indicators they trust to make better, data-driven decisions to guide the future of the business.

"The flexibility to perform all kinds of reporting and scenario modeling has benefited every department. During the quarterly forecasting process I see managers putting as much information as they can in Workday Adaptive Planning, and monitoring what they had originally planned to where they currently stand," Hallman explained. "There's a better understanding across the company when it comes to what impacts our bottom line. Our CFO knows we rely on Workday Adaptive Planning, and we're constantly looking at new opportunities to broaden our use cases."  

At Infoblox, financial planning and budgeting is no longer only a finance department exercise. Department heads have taken more ownership over their own plans and budgets because it's easier to do so than ever before. That ownership has led to better overall communication across departments, with performance analytics as the main topic of discussion to ultimately make better decisions for the business.

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