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We can respond to board requests quickly and easily, slicing and dicing data to generate insight for the business. What’s even more indicative of our success with Workday Adaptive Planning is the fact that we use it all the time – that really is the proof within the pudding. 

Chris Wright, Group Reporting Analyst

  • The global reach of INTO—which connects students seeking to study abroad with colleges—presented challenges for the organisation’s finance team. Outposts from around the globe were tracking finances with 60 to 70 spreadsheets that the finance team then had to attempt to consolidate to gain strategic insight into the business.  By integrating Workday Adaptive Planning, INTO was able to consolidate data into a single source of truth and create efficiencies that freed the finance team to focus on addressing changing market conditions in its budgets and forecasts.  Most notably in 2016, this meant assessing the impact Brexit had on foreign students wanting to come to the UK.  By using Workday Adaptive Planning' modeling and forecasting capabilities, the company mitigated any potentially damaging consequences and the data generated through Workday Adaptive Planning became a trusted resource for the management team.


    • Complex, fragmented business structure
    • Changing market conditions
    • Qualitative KPIs that inform the business


    • Integrated reporting to achieve single, reliable version of the truth
    • Impact of Brexit modelled
    • Future-looking finance team becomes business partner
  • About:
    Every year, INTO helps thousands of young people from around the world study at leading universities, opening up a lifetime of career opportunities.
    Brighton, UK
    Higher education

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It’s a fast-changing, complex world—particularly for INTO University Partnerships Limited, a global education partnering organization headquartered in Brighton, UK. Through joint ventures, INTO connects prestigious universities with students seeking international educational experiences. 

INTO’s finance team is responsible for ensuring that company operates profitably, amid ever-changing market conditions and evolving industry trends.  

With universities and representatives recruiting students worldwide, each territory runs its own budget.  Traditionally, for the finance team that meant the labor-intensive process of verifying and integrating 60 to 70 spreadsheets—with different currencies—in hopes of achieving a full picture of the business.  

Faced with the accelerating pace of change, INTO realised the need upgrade their FP&A solution to gain efficiencies and leverage forecasting and modelling capabilities.

Finance, far-flung outposts benefit from a single source of truth

INTO chose Workday Adaptive Planning by working with Workday Adaptive Planning’ partner, Clear Plan, who helped INTO’s key decision makers see the considerable value of the solution and its integration capabilities with INTO’s existing MIS system. 

It didn’t take long for INTO’s finance team to realize the transformative potential of Workday Adaptive Planning. Scores of spreadsheets are now consolidated with financial data in one report, representing a single source of truth.  Version control and errors have been largely eliminated, vastly improving productivity of the finance team. Meanwhile, dashboard capabilities allow key business stakeholders to access data in real time. 

“We can now not only rely on the information being accurate and always in the same place, but we can administer and control the numbers from afar,” said Chris Wright, group reporting analyst at INTO.  “This is particularly important when virtually every joint venture – university and student support in each country – is completely different and has their own budget and objectives.”

Modelling the impact of Brexit

For INTO, the importance of having more advanced modelling and forecasting capabilities became starkly apparent following the recent Brexit vote.

“Unsurprisingly, Brexit led to a huge confidence change in students wanting to study in the UK,” Wright said.  “The growing trend of students choosing the US to study abroad rather than the UK is likely to be magnified by the UK’s rejection of the EU. This will have a significant impact on INTO’s numbers, not to mention other variables such as changing exchange rates.  We are able to quickly and fairly accurately model these shifts and see the impact across the entire business, something that would have been completely unachievable prior to Workday Adaptive Planning.”

The finance team becomes the stewards of the future 

The use of Workday Adaptive Planning has also fostered greater collaboration throughout INTO. Of the 80 users, half are in non-financial business functions, demonstrating the simplicity of the solution.  With data directly entered into Workday Adaptive Planning, employees are more accountable, improving accuracy. Conversations now center around using data rather than disputing its validity. 

Looking forward, INTO aims to model cash flow and personnel over five-year strategic plans. They also plan to expand rolling forecasts so Workday Adaptive Planning becomes the daily go-to source of all financial information.

 “Finance had previously been more of a back-office function, counting and verifying data,” said Wright.  “Thanks to people trusting the data within Workday Adaptive Planning, we have become much more of a business partner, shaping and guiding decisions.  We can respond to board requests quickly and easily, slicing and dicing data to generate insight for the business. What’s even more indicative of our success with Workday Adaptive Planning is the fact that we use it all the time – that really is the proof within the pudding.” 

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