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“Cash is king, and understanding your pinch points and your excess cash balances is fundamental to the construction business. Workday Adaptive Planning has given us a model that we can roll out across all of our departments. We’re seeing the benefits of being able to work with the regional teams to consolidate a plan and create a strategic five year forecast.”

Duncan Collins, project accountant

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  • With development projects being undertaken over a number of years, construction is an industry where accurate forecasting and complete insight into costs is absolutely essential to ensuring long term profits. McCarthy & Stone has developed a model that encompasses the lifecycle of all of its developments across the entire company to create a strategic five year forecast for the business.


    • A multitude of underlying costs to identify for each development
    • Financial data spread across multiple departments in different locations
    • Inability to create a strategic long term plan for the entire company


    • One model to roll out across all departments to create strategic five year forecast
    • Financial collaboration with regional teams
    • Platform to showcase financials and drive commercial discussions
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    McCarthy & Stone is the UK’s leading retirement housebuilder, pioneering the concept of purpose-built, privately-owned accommodation for older people. With a 70 percent share of the owner-occupied retirement housing market, the company has built over 50,000 apartments in over 1,000 different locations, and currently has around 160 developments under construction or for sale in the UK. In November 2015 it opened its 200th managed development.
    Bournemouth, UK
    Construction and engineering, Manufacturing