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Workday Adaptive Planning has given us the ability to spend more time analyzing and planning, rather than keeping track of spreadsheets, and versions, and where updates were made, and how they were made.

Jim Mitchell, Controller, RATP Dev

  • The finance team at multimodal transportation enterprise, RATP Dev, knows something about growth and complexity. Serving more than 1.5 billion passengers each year in 14 countries across four continents, RATP Dev operates in some of the world’s most dense transportation networks. For the finance team, this translated into laborious forecast and budget processes using manual spreadsheets across distributed teams and resulted in a lack of buy-in across leadership and operations. As the company grew, they needed a better way to manage growth and complexity.

    With the help of partner CohnReznick, RATP Dev turned to Workday Adaptive Planning to streamline budgeting and forecasting, increase report accuracy, and improve organizational alignment with KPIs.


    • Time-consuming budgeting and forecasting—Twice yearly forecasts took four weeks to complete.
    • Unmanageable growth—Manual spreadsheets couldn’t keep up as the organization grew, and made trying to consolidate and roll up entities incredibly challenging.
    • Error-prone reporting—Managing an increasingly complex organization using only spreadsheets made ad hoc reporting and what-if scenario planning inefficient and error-prone.
    • Lack of alignment behind KPIs—Using spreadsheets to capture essential non-financial data was nearly impossible.


    • Streamlined budgeting and forecasting—Time spent forecasting has decreased 50 percent.
    • Strategic growth—RATP Dev adapts to growth strategically and manages the hierarchy changes stemming from that growth.
    • Improved reporting—The finance team creates accurate ad hoc reports and what-if scenarios efficiently, which have greatly increased companywide agility.
    • KPI alignment—RATP Dev operational managers, executives, and finance leaders are now aligned behind nonfinancial as well as financial KPIs, and is able to track data like safety, on-time performance, and so on.
  • About:
    RATP Dev manages and operates high-quality, safe, responsive and efficient transit systems throughout the United States.
    Fort Worth, TX

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The reception within the business in the field, especially because we're really a remote-driven company, has been tremendous. So I think that's just an endorsement to what I'll call the ease of use of Workday Adaptive Planning.

Jim Mitchell, Controller, RATP Dev