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A key reason we adopted Adaptive for sales planning was to build confidence in the sales organization. The sales teams know the regions; they know the accounts; they’re the experts. Adaptive allows them to take an active role in mapping out their territories and associated quotas.

David Lee, Senior Sales Planning Analyst, Rubrik

  • For a rapidly growing company like Rubrik, it’s essential to figure out strategy quickly. As the cloud data management company’s popularity grew, the need to grow the sales team became increasingly greater. Using spreadsheets to organize sales regions and territories, quotas and revenue became nearly impossible as it did not scale with the rapid growth of the young technology company. Rubrik’s CFO purchased the entire Adaptive Planning platform, first implementing Financial Planning for budgeting and reporting, followed by Sales Planning for capacity, quota, and territory planning.

    Today, by using Workday Adaptive Planning, the Sales Operations team has created a more robust, more efficient, more transparent process to create the best possible territories that align with planned capacity and assigned quotas. By combining the sales planning process that takes place twice per year, together with the continuous operational management of sales in the same system, Workday Adaptive Planning has empowered them to ground their sales planning efforts in data. And with a cloud-based system, everyone from finance to HR to Sales is working from the same data which allows them to play a meaningful role in planning. Workday Adaptive Planning is ultimately enabling Rubrik to run its fast-paced business with more predictability to achieve better business performance in alignment with the company’s overall goals.


    • Rapid expansion – As the company grew rapidly, Sales Operations had to keep up with growing revenue goals, an expanding and increasingly complex sales organization, and the inevitable proliferation of data. Disjointed planning efforts could no longer keep up with the needs of the business.
    • Difficult to Determine Territories – The process of taking a large, multi-dimensional data set and cutting it numerous different ways to finally get down to territories was too difficult and too hard to visualize using spreadsheets.
    • Lack of Governance – A strong governance infrastructure is key to a good sales compensation program, but working manually offline made managing governance a significant challenge.
    • Manual Planning – Manual operational planning of territories impacted sales productivity and predictability resulting from inaccurate and outdated data.
    • Potential for High Attrition – Sales is a field known for high rates of attrition, and the Sales Operations team knew that disorganized territory planning could lead to the loss of key sales people.


    • More Predictable Performance – With the processes and workstreams the company has built to bring in data, they now plan twice yearly and are able to construct territories and the quotas created against them, allowing sales leadership to see how quotas support their goals and sales reps to monitor their numbers to see if they’re meeting their quotas.
    • Intuitive Territory Design – With the visual layout of data in the Workday Adaptive Planning dashboard, what was once a jumble of regions in a spreadsheet becomes clear to see in a heatmap-style GeoMap for territory visualization along geo hierarchies down to the ZIP code level and slice and dice based on additional attributes such as TAM (total addressable market of a territory). The ability to do “what if” analysis allows sales operations to move accounts around in different territories and immediately see the impact.
    • Effective Governance – By automating the governance process with Adaptive, the company created a solid foundation that allowed them to better focus and scale the compensation program in line with the company’s rapid growth.
    • Operational Automation – The automatic rule-based account segmentation feature in Workday Adaptive Planning enables Rubrik to automatically assign territories according to rules defined in the plan for all newly added or changed CRM accounts, and sends results back to SalesForce on a daily basis.
    • Increased Collaboration – Feeling committed to the territory you are agreeing to sell to is essential for sales teams. With data from Adaptive, the company is achieving its business goal of driving toward lower attrition in sales by allowing sales members to be heavily involved in the decision-making process around territories.
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Workday Adaptive Planning combines both our twice-yearly period planning and day-to-day operational management. This is a huge value to us to run everything through the same system. It has made us extremely efficient.

David Lee, Senior Sales Planning Analyst, Rubrik