High-quality, customized reports

Easily create reports using the latest data and publish them in Microsoft Office programs or other formats

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Get more agile reporting using Workday Adaptive Planning OfficeConnect
  • Check out a demo to see how you can improve your reporting processes. Quickly create ad hoc reports with a drag-and-drop report builder, and drill into the details by clicking directly into the report to see transactional details or the source of the underlying data. With the latest actuals, plans, and forecast data linked to your report, you can be confident that the report is always up to date
  • With OfficeConnect, you can build finance reports or board books directly in Office, and update those reports with the latest numbers with the click of a button. Free up your time to deliver the insights and tell a story with the data
  • With the ability to create reports in html, excel, or pdf and to publish finance reports or board books directly in Office, you can:
    • Focus on pulling out the insights, and not spend the time or effort manually pulling things together
    • Have the flexibility to choose how to re-invest your time

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