5 CFO Tips for Better Board Reporting

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Better board reporting and accountability

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For CFOs, few duties are more critical than presenting to the board of directors. Yet at many companies, the board reporting process becomes a quarterly scramble of chasing down data and patching together a last-minute PowerPoint deck. This e-Book offers a better path to stronger reports, more streamlined presentations, and secrets to telling the compelling story behind the numbers.

Among the key things you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s essential to think like a board member
  • The importance of creating pre-read materials
  • How adding context can be a game changer
  • Ways to find more time to craft a strong narrative

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Resource Excerpt
The five tips in this eBook can put you on the path to better board reporting through stronger presentations and strategic, meaningful narratives. You’ll learn how to spark more dynamic discussions and guide your board members to make better decisions.

Reporting to the board is an integral, and stressful, part of being a CFO.

Learn 5 CFO tips to create and present strong board reports without the last minute scramble.

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