5 Steps to Getting Your Business
on Board with Rolling Forecasts

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Learn how to set your course right with rolling forecasts. Dramatically reduce the time your business spends laboring over the annual plan or budget, so that your assumptions are current and in line with actual market conditions.

We'll guide you through some of the most important best practices as well as advise you on steps to making rolling forecasts a success in your organization.

In this eBook we'll discuss:

  • Using spreadsheets vs. a dedicated application for implementing your rolling forecast
  • Sifting through the details to identify drivers of your models
  • Saving time and improving decision making with what-if scenarios
  • Determining the right time horizon for your organization's forecast

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Resource Excerpt
More than 90% of spreadsheets contain serious errors, while more than 90% of spreadsheet users are convinced that their models are error-free.

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Frank Jiang Manager - FP&A, Mitchell International

Love the shared functionality and visibility that Adaptive provides. Being able to see how changes affect the bottom line on the fly and the ability to audit previous changes makes collaboration a breeze.

Harry Vasels CFO, SCAV

A very flexible tool that gives great visibility to the organization... I cannot say enough about how Adaptive has been a truly effective budgeting, planning & forecasting tool.

Jimmy Roybal Director of FP&A, Tealium

I'm a veteran to FP&A, and have used Excel, Oracle Hyperion/Essbase, and several other tools. And this by far is the best. It has been the easiest to use... and doesn't require any assistance from IT or Developers.


Outdated forecasts can't drive the business forward.

Learn the best practices for implementing rolling forecasts at your organization.

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