Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud Integrates with NetSuite ERP to Deliver Better Insights, Faster Decision Making

Adds new customers using NetSuite ERP and Business Planning Cloud in fiscal 2018, bringing total to more than 850 customers worldwide

Apr 24, 2018

Connecting an understanding of the past in order to forecast the future, Adaptive Insights showcases its Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud with NetSuite ERP this week at SuiteWorld18. By combining data from the system of record for the past, NetSuite ERP, with the system that plans and forecasts the future, the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud, customers have the insights necessary to make better, faster decisions. Strong demand for reporting, planning, and analytics that tie to the system of record enabled Adaptive Insights to add new customers that use NetSuite ERP with its Business Planning Cloud in fiscal 2018. This brings the total number of organizations trusting the combined cloud-native platforms to more than 850 worldwide.

Market analyst Craig Schiff, principal at BPM Partners, says, “Adaptive Insights and NetSuite have had a long-standing relationship and their products work well together. Both companies are focused on driving better business decisions across their customers’ organizations by providing deeper visibility into financial and operational metrics. For companies seeking a cloud-native planning and reporting solution across the organization, NetSuite ERP and the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud are a winning combination.”

Combining Best in the Cloud Technologies

Adaptive Insights’ Business Planning Cloud is the next generation of the company’s pioneering cloud planning platform and, like its Adaptive Suite, is tightly and deeply integrated with NetSuite ERP. And because this proven integration uses open APIs and is built, owned, supported, and maintained by Adaptive Insights, the company will continue to support and enhance it to bring more value to customers.

With the integration, customers can leverage the breadth and depth of their data in NetSuite ERP to easily create plans and reports with Adaptive Insights. The Business Planning Cloud enables importing an expanded set NetSuite standard and custom dimensions, providing access to a broader set of operational and financial data to empower users across the organization. The result is richer plans, deeper analyses, and reports which fuel faster, more informed decision making.

“Planning is where strategy and execution meet; in developing a plan, you figure out how to execute your business strategy. A smooth and efficient planning process, informed by data about current business performance, is key to being able to make timely decisions. That’s why companies that want business agility are moving to companywide business planning, and why they're integrating functional planning into our Business Planning Cloud,” said Tom Bogan, CEO of Adaptive Insights. “We pioneered cloud planning for finance and NetSuite pioneered cloud ERP. Together these purpose-built cloud platforms offer companies an integrated platform that enables far more business users to plan, analyze performance, and speed their decision making—and that's a true competitive advantage today.”

Adaptive Insights for Sales Extends Planning in the Organization

The Business Planning Cloud also supports planning beyond finance. Adaptive Insights for Sales, announced in February of this year, is designed specifically for sales team planning and decision making. It modernizes sales capacity, quota, and territory planning for sales operations teams and sales leaders by offering the ability to understand the impact of changes to assumptions ranging from productivity and attainment to ramp times and quota over assignment. This means better and more predictable performance from sales.

In addition to purpose-built solutions for finance and sales, the Business Planning Cloud also enables customers and partners to flexibly model virtually any kind of functional use, such as workforce capacity, operational planning, marketing demand generation, and project-based planning. All solutions integrate with NetSuite, giving customers access to both financial and operational data for their planning, reporting, and analysis.

To learn more, read the blog “The cost of free software” and visit the Adaptive Insights booth #413 at SuiteWorld.

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