Adaptive Insights Delivers Unparalleled Access to Data Across the Organization for Finance-Led Corporate Performance Management

Brings Visual Analytics into the Planning Process to Accelerate Data-Driven Decision-Making

Apr 26, 2016

Adaptive Insights, the leader in cloud corporate performance management (CPM), today announced innovations to the Adaptive Suite that bring unprecedented power and flexibility to the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) process. Providing access to data across the business, the latest release of the Adaptive Suite enables finance teams to seamlessly bring together disparate data sources for new business insights, accelerating data-driven decision-making and improving overall business agility. The new release delivers a number of firsts to the cloud CPM industry including self-service data integration for finance; new patent-pending data visualization in the planning process for any-time trend analysis; and the ability to conduct in-depth visual analytics during planning with a single click.

“We live in an ever-changing, data-driven world where constant access to timely, accurate financial data—combined with sales and operational data—is key to driving maximum corporate performance,” said Connie DeWitt, senior vice president of product management at Adaptive Insights. “By delivering a self-service data integration platform, we have empowered finance teams and other business users to access data that has often been siloed across the organization. Further, by bringing analytics into planning, we enable users to deeply analyze data during the planning process, and make informed decisions without ever having to leave the planning environment—dramatically accelerating decision-making and business agility.”

Moving Toward a World of Pervasive Analytics

CFOs report that they face significant challenges in terms of the accuracy and timeliness of data, as well as the data silos that exist across the organization. Traditionally, data integration is considered to be one of the most complex and costly processes associated with software deployment. In addition to breaking down data silos and joining data from disparate sources, this release brings together planning and analytics into a single seamless process. This gives users the ability to gain a level of visibility and foresight via a self-service model previously not possible. The new features represent critical milestones on the path to enabling pervasive analytics—a capability that embeds analytics into the operational and transactional applications needed to run the business.

“Pervasive analytics unlock the true value of data, revealing insights that enable much faster decision making and also giving users much better predictive capabilities,” said Krishna Roy, senior analyst, data platforms and analytics, of market research firm 451 Group. “Agile companies will be those that not only have real-time access to data, but can rapidly analyze that data and act on it. Solutions such as this one from Adaptive Insights promise to truly move the needle in an increasingly data-driven world.”

Flexibility to Work How You Want to Work

The solution brings data easily within reach of business users while also enabling them to work the way they want to work: with convenient visualizations when and where they need them and a familiar Excel user interface.

  • Self-Service Data Integration for Finance — Adaptive Insights has extended its Adaptive Integration platform across the entire Adaptive Suite including Adaptive Planning, Consolidation and Discovery. As the first CPM provider that delivers a self-service data integration platform, Adaptive Insights enables finance users to extract data from popular ERP and CRM systems—like Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and, with an easy “click-not-code” web interface —and use it in any Adaptive Insights application. Building on its out-of-the-box solution with NetSuite, a new preconfigured NetSuite adapter is now available that further extends the integration so users can bring more types of NetSuite data—such as project, employee and vendor data—into the Adaptive Suite to drive planning and analytics. With all adapters, users are able to join together data from multiple source to create a new view of the data for greater business insights. By extending the platform across the suite, users can engage in much deeper analytics and visualization of their data throughout the financial planning and analysis process.
  • Anytime Trend Analysis — Via a new Active Sparklines feature, trend analysis is now combined with data entry. Sparklines, are small, word-size charts that show data trends. With the introduction of visual data editing, sparklines in the Adaptive Suite are now interactive. Planners zoom in to Active Sparklines to reveal trend details. If the metric in question is editable, planners can adjust the underlying data by dragging the data points of the Active Sparkline until the desired trend is achieved.
  • Single-click Analytics — Users can create powerful data visualizations directly in the planning process with a single click on selected data in an Adaptive Planning ‘sheet.’ These visualizations can be easily augmented for variance analysis, shared, and even published on dashboards with a single click.
  • Flexibility to Work in Excel — Augmenting Adaptive Insights’ already rich Excel-based reporting capabilities, the release adds new flexibility that enables users to view their plans and perform data entry in Excel. This combination leverages the familiarity and flexibility of Excel with the power of Adaptive Insights’ cloud-based collaborative financial planning application. While using the Excel interface, users can still access the power of the web-based interface seamlessly by drilling into details in the cloud.

Industry Support for the New Adaptive Suite Release

Adaptive Insights customers and partners sound off about the Adaptive Suite:

“Our recent public filing galvanized the company to rapidly expand our accounting team and look to automate and streamline our financial processes. Among our exhaustive list of requirements for a CPM platform were the need to enable all of our department VPs to work together, collaboratively planning and sharing forecasts and metrics tracking and the ability for that platform to quickly and seamlessly integrate with our Intacct software.” Drew Froehlich, senior financial analyst, Appfolio

“The new Adaptive Suite release has made it much easier to integrate our clients’ outside data sources, and adapt their models with the changing needs of the business. Bringing client data into one place helps us build much richer models for our clients, ultimately giving them much greater power and flexibility over their businesses as a whole.” Mark Tear, principal, Aubea

“As a long-time user of Adaptive Insights’ software to manage operational planning across our manufacturing plants, we have experienced dramatic improvements in collaboration with key stakeholders across our organization. Greater visibility into operational and financial metrics and enhanced collaboration across finance, R&D, procurement, and manufacturing has helped us drive significant performance improvements across our operations. With the latest release, we look forward to providing deeper visibility by streamlining the integration between Adaptive Insights and our corporate ERP platform.” Kyle Chlan, engineering manager at Boston Scientific

“The automated integration capability of the Adaptive Suite 2016.2 release is another ambitious step in transforming the office of finance into the central hub for making informed, agile decisions. Our customers will benefit from improved data accuracy, streamlined workflows, and even greater ability to move from tactical to strategic planning.” Ethan Carlson, CEO and Founder, Carlson Management Consulting

“No other tool that we have rolled out, financial or otherwise, has ever received this level of universal adoption across our company. The Adaptive Suite has enabled us to engage in cross-functional, highly collaborative planning and analysis that provides views of the business directly suited across all levels of our organization. Today, we have 110 businesses in 30 states collaboratively reviewing financial performance in real-time, on a daily basis. Adaptive Insights has not only enabled broad accessibility, but has made our entire organization accountable for how we perform.” J.P. Hannan, senior vice president, treasurer and CFO, Cumulus Media

“The new Adaptive Suite features a highly intuitive interface that has dramatically streamlined the process of integrating multiple outside data sources. As a result, we can give customers a much more holistic view of the business that incorporates key data from across their organizations.” Jean Paul Remmelzwaan, CPM product and services manager, Solmate Group

Adaptive Suite 2016.2 is available now and will be shown at Adaptive Live, being held April 27-28 at the San Jose Convention Center, where 1400+ finance professionals will gather for insights, training and networking.

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