Adaptive Insights Launches Customer Journey Program to Lead Companies in New Era of Companywide Planning

“Journey Plans” help organizations of all sizes transform tactical planning into a strategic advantage

May 23, 2018

Adaptive Insights, powering a new generation of business planning, debuted a new customer program to lead organizations of all sizes on their journey to transform planning into a strategic advantage. Showcased here, at Adaptive Live, the new Customer Journey program provides a comprehensive framework for modernizing planning. It guides companies through creation and execution of their planning, reporting, and analytics strategy. The new program will be used in every customer touchpoint for both prospective and long-time customers to help them fully leverage the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud for companywide planning and greater business agility.

Speaking on stage at Adaptive Live, Shawn Dettrey, CFO of Fletcher Jones Auto Management Group, said, “Planning our business is really planning for four businesses: new cars, used cars, parts, and services. Key to our planning is the management of hundreds of financial and operational KPIs, whether it’s how long a car sits in a space or how quickly we perform a service, and our ability to scenario plan on the fly. The Business Planning Cloud integrates and aligns all 17 franchises in our planning process, giving us the agility we need in a fast-moving industry. We’re excited to move to the next phase in our journey with Adaptive Insights, focusing on our dashboards and analytics management.”

Creating a Guide to Transform the Planning Process

The new customer program is anchored by a new website that provides a broad view of the possibilities for more collaborative and comprehensive planning and then walks customers through the considerations for implementing the selected elements of their journey. This detailed framework lets customers assess and plan the implementation of four major components of their planning, reporting, and analysis strategy: process, people, model, and data. This framework contemplates and helps customers implement robust planning and modelling, KPI management, analysis, and reporting for finance, sales, marketing, manufacturing, services, and more.

The result is an Adaptive Insights Journey Plan that guides organizations as they communicate and execute their companywide planning strategy. Adaptive Insights sales, customer success, and professional services teams are then aligned with the mission to guide customers every step of the way to successfully achieve their strategic planning goals.

The resulting insights about customers’ journeys will be aggregated into benchmarks for customers to compare their process maturity and Journey Plans with those of companies of similar size, in similar industries. With more than 3,800 customers, this dataset will provide a unique view into the state of planning for companies of all sizes and will provide insights into common and best practices for companywide planning and analysis automation.

Customer Data Points to Increased, Collaborative Companywide Planning

Initial data from customers participating in the new program highlights the progress of planning transformation. Specifically, the data validates the shift from tactical to more strategic planning processes:

  • Process. Key performance indicator (KPI) management and expanded forecasting are the most common next step companies are targeting after modernizing their budgeting processes
  • People. About half already engage department managers in planning today and the other half plan to engage them in future phases
  • Models. Income statements and supporting models are common today, and balance sheet and cash flow models are the most common next model component to be built
  • Data. Most incorporate ERP data today, and next priorities include incorporating HCM and CRM data

“With over 3,800 customers, we have unique insight into how companies are planning today and the direction they want to go to achieve their business goals,” said Rob Hull, founder of Adaptive Insights. “And while they recognize the need to expand planning so that it becomes more strategic, they actually need a ‘plan for planning.’ Now we can provide an innovative framework for customers and future customers to progress their planning journeys to achieve the business agility they need in today’s fast-moving world.”

Adaptive Live, the company’s annual user conference, is being held May 22-24 at the Venetian Las Vegas.

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