Adaptive Insights Tailors Cloud Planning Solution to Maximize Nonprofit Success

Exploratorium, Playworks, and others turn to Adaptive Insights to further their missions

Apr 17, 2018

Dedicated to powering a new generation of business planning, Adaptive Insights has launched a new initiative for nonprofit organizations that helps further their missions and causes. To support its growing customer base, the company released six templates for planning and budgeting to meet the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. The announcement was made during National Volunteer Week, dedicated to recognizing and thanking volunteers who lend their time, talent, voice, and support to causes they care about in their community.

“Our work with more than 500 nonprofit organizations worldwide has provided a deep understanding of the way different organizations plan and report their business,” said Ryan Slinkard, vice president of professional services at Adaptive Insights. “We want current and future customers to benefit from this expertise, so we’ve expanded our template library for each functional type of nonprofit organization. From revenue streams, to volunteers, to managing stores and events, each organization has a responsibility to maximize their resources. This lets every organization—regardless of their mission—operate with confidence and focus on their cause.”

Nonprofits Turn to Adaptive Insights

The Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud enables nonprofit organizations to align demand for their services with funding, while achieving clear visibility into their expenses. Global organizations with many causes—arts, education, fighting hunger, conservation, and more, turn to Adaptive Insights to help manage donations, staffing, facilities, and trusts. The easy-to-use platform lets everybody plan so that real-time data is used for budget management, forecasting, and reporting. The result is greater visibility into planning and better, faster decision making.

The visualization, KPI, and measurement templates focus on six distinct types of nonprofits and enable organizations to quickly and easily adopt the Adaptive Insights for Finance solution. With focused capabilities and best practices, the new templates target the unique needs of various nonprofits, spanning ticket sales, fundraising, membership, training and certification, and volunteer management, among many others. This allows nonprofits to develop dashboards and analytics with tailored KPIs to track mission-based metrics. Joining the company’s large library of templates and quick start packs, the six specialized nonprofit templates include:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Associations
  • Education
  • Faith-based
  • Foundations
  • Human & Health Services

KPIs Keep Nonprofits on Track, Focused on the Mission

Playworks is a national nonprofit dedicated to ensuring 3.5 million students in 7,000 schools experience safe and healthy play every day by 2020. “The better we plan, the more funds we can put toward keeping kids active and building critical social and emotional skills through play,” said Tom Low, CFO at Playworks. “We’re now tracking our organization’s KPIs in Adaptive Insights to make sure every part of our organization aligns. Because everybody has responsibility for planning and/or executing the plan, we are marching together toward our goal.”

At San Francisco’s Exploratorium, a public learning laboratory, the mission is to explore the world through the lens of science, art, and human perception. “Our planning needs are different than many other types of nonprofits, and the ability to tailor our analytics and reporting allows us to optimize every donation,” said Melanie Twardzicki, financial planning and analysis manager. “We rely on Adaptive Insights to help us streamline financial and operational planning so that the complexities of managing a large portfolio of grants and endowments, programs, and personnel doesn’t take away from what our volunteers and staff do daily to help us achieve our mission.”

To learn more about how Adaptive Insights can help nonprofit organizations better manage their business, attend the webinar April 26: “Nonprofit FP&A Overhaul: Transform your Organization through Process Improvement.”

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