Adaptive Insights Transforms Company-Wide Planning with New Business Planning Cloud

Cloud Planning Pioneer Continues to Lead with the Next Generation of Business Planning

Feb 12, 2018

Adaptive Insights is powering a new generation of business planning with the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud for businesses of all sizes. Addressing the need for greater business agility in a world that moves fast, the company’s new business planning cloud is the next generation of its powerful platform. Now the company’s hallmark easy-to-use planning solutions are available to everybody in an organization at enterprise scale. The Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud delivers a new way for people in companies to collaborate, gain business insights, and adapt with agility.

“In most organizations, manual planning produces an ocean of individual, operational plans, with no ability to see the whole picture,” said Tom Bogan, CEO of Adaptive Insights. “We pioneered cloud planning for finance so companies could streamline their planning process and gain an accurate view of their business. Today’s innovation both scales and extends our platform to bring these same benefits to all functions in an integrated planning process. As a result, organizations can make better decisions faster, a true competitive advantage today.”

Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud is the next generation of the company’s pioneering cloud planning platform, enabling functional planning beyond finance and a new purpose-built solution for sales. Announced today, Adaptive Insights for Sales is designed specifically for sales operations to enable sales team planning and decision making. It helps sales continuously optimize team productivity, territory, and quota assignments in order to maximize business performance.

Orchestrated by Finance, In Today’s Businesses Everybody Plans

Working with thousands of organizations, such as American Dental Association, American Family Insurance, Guardian Life, Lyft, P.F. Chang’s, and Zipcar, Adaptive Insights saw a common challenge emerge: the need for all plans to come together in a holistic corporate plan orchestrated by finance. Whether planning with their functional team, as in sales operations planning, or participating in the finance-led corporate planning process, active involvement and collaboration between people is critical to an effective planning process.  

According to Kevin Lyons, second vice president of FP&A, Guardian Life, “Using the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud, our more than 14 functional and business groups across the enterprise can analyze and model their own aspects of the business at the needed level of detail—and on their own cadences. The real-time nature of the platform enables continuous planning and reporting processes, which helps drive faster decision making across our organization.”

“Critical components of the enterprise business stack must include an organization-wide planning platform,” said R “Ray” Wang, principal analyst, founder, and Chairman of Constellation Research, Inc. “A platform that can support both business and finance users presents a significant competitive advantage for organizations to realize the power of integrated planning. When planning extends to the edges of an organization and integrates with the corporate view, businesses can act with speed and agility, democratize decision making, and ensure operational success.”

Bogan agrees and believes the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud includes the critical elements to enable it to be a core part of the business stack, similar to CRM, ERP, and HCM Systems, and, as a result, believes it will be deployed as pervasively.

No Compromise Business Planning that Scales

The Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud enables a comprehensive set of cloud-based software solutions supported by a powerful, in-memory technology platform that enables functional and company-wide business planning and built-in analytics at very large scale.

Now capable of handling complex multidimensional models with millions of trillions (1018) of cells, rapid scenario planning, analytics and reporting, the platform includes purpose-built domain intelligence to make it easier and faster for users to build functional models rather than always having to start from scratch. In addition to purpose-built solutions for finance and sales, the platform also enables customers and partners to flexibly model virtually any kind of functional use, such as workforce capacity, marketing demand generation, and project-based planning.

Like its original award-winning Adaptive Suite, this next generation Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud continues the company’s commitment to eliminate the need to compromise between power, ease of use, and ease of deployment. And, like the Adaptive Suite, the business planning cloud easily integrates with leading ERP, CRM, general ledger, and HCM systems and features open APIs to participate in customer integration infrastructures.

To learn more about the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud, read the Adaptive Insights blog, “Pedal to the Metal: The Need to Drive Better Planning,” or visit the website.

About Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights is powering a new generation of business planning. Driving business agility in a fast-moving world, the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud leads the way for people in companies to collaborate, gain insights, and make smarter decisions faster. Powerful modeling for any size organization, yet so easy for everybody who plans. Adaptive Insights is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. To learn more, visit