Cloud Planning Pioneer Adaptive Insights Launches Comprehensive Offering for Sales

New Purpose-Built Sales Planning Solution Extends its Business Planning Cloud, Embraced by Acquia, Apptio, Ivanti, MongoDB, and WinShuttle to Drive Corporate Performance

Feb 12, 2018

Adaptive Insights extends its Business Planning Cloud with a comprehensive offering for sales planning. Adaptive Insights for Sales is a purpose-built planning and analytics solution driving performance and predictability. Designed for companies of all sizes to maximize sales efficiency and sales investments, the new solution modernizes sales capacity, quota, and territory planning. Built on Adaptive Insights’ scalable platform, Adaptive Insights for Sales links sales and territory plans to the overall financial plan, so business leaders can align strategy with execution.

“We saw an opportunity for innovation, because historically sales planning has been a blend of art and science,” said Bhaskar Himatsingka, chief product officer, Adaptive Insights. “We’ve taken the guesswork out of this kind of planning with Adaptive Insights for Sales. Now teams can easily get territories and quotas right with models rooted in real-time data and analytics. This lets sales organizations dynamically leverage performance data like actual bookings and sales pipeline as well as quota attainment and quota recovery to optimize performance—while linking with the corporate plan—all in real time.”

Market leading early adopters include Acquia, Apptio (NASDAQ:APTI), Ivanti, MongoDB (NASDAQ:MDB), and Winshuttle. These high-growth technology companies, already planning with Adaptive Insights for Finance, now optimize their sales plans with Adaptive Insights for Sales, all using the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud.

“Adaptive Insights for Sales gives us, for the first time, predictability that allows us to manage our business,” said Scott Spilker, head of sales operations, Winshuttle. “Our sales operations team can do what-if scenarios in real-time, analyzing data driving trends and then course-correcting to optimize our performance. As important, linking our sales plans to our financial plans on the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud gives us one common language across our business.”

Real-Time Data, Impact Analysis Drives Predictability and Performance

Adaptive Insights for Sales combines Adaptive Insights’ trademark ease of use with a new, interactive interface for real-time, what-if scenarios and high-fidelity planning and includes a specialized extension for territory planning.

For sales operations teams and sales leaders, the ability to understand the impact of changes to assumptions ranging from productivity and attainment to ramp times and quota over assignment, means better and more predictable performance from sales. For finance teams, the ability to integrate operational and financial plans means more timely and precise forecasts and improved visibility into business performance. And, with all users on the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud, plans are integrated across the business so each change impacts other plans throughout the planning hierarchy, enabling a comprehensive real-time, continuous planning process.

For MongoDB, getting territories balanced appropriately is a priority. “MongoDB operates in a large market with a massive community of developers, which makes focus and prioritization critical. We need to ensure that our account executives are investing their time in the right places,” said Meghan Gill, vice president of sales operations at MongoDB. “Adaptive Insights for Sales enables us to evaluate territories and assign the accounts with the highest ROI, making our sales team more productive."

Integrates with Leading Software and Platforms to Enhance Visibility  

As with its flagship Adaptive Insights for Finance, the new solution easily integrates with other software and platforms across the enterprise, such as Salesforce CRM, as well as ERP systems. Winshuttle has connected Adaptive Insights for Sales with Salesforce to bring opportunity and sales representative data into their model, enabling better prediction of sales, according to Spilker.

Advanced Sales Models Powered by Capacity, Quota, and Territory Planning

Built on Adaptive Insights’ industry-leading modeling platform with integrated analytics and reporting, Adaptive Insights for Sales solution includes:

•   Capacity & Quota Planning. Purpose-built solution templates deliver best practices quickly and include top-down allocation of targets across time, regions, segments; bottoms-up model of productivity; and setting quotas to ensure acceptable coverage.

•   Territory Planning. Easily scales to address the challenges with territory planning, eliminating the need to wrangle large volumes of data. Makes data-driven territory planning accessible for companies of all sizes and includes the ability to assess and segment the market by factors like geography, company size, vertical, and product, as well as assign resources to named accounts or geography/segment.

•   Performance Monitoring & Model Maintenance. Enabling sales teams and executives to leverage real-time analytics, the solution manages plan vs. actuals for staffing, productivity, ramping across segments and territories, and guide execution.

“In today’s fast-moving world, sales teams need to respond instantly to changes in the market. Sales teams need improved insights for sales onboarding, setting quotas, and constructing effective territories,” added Sheryl Kingstone, research director, customer experience & commerce, 451 Research. “However, it’s also critical to tie sales planning to financial planning for transparent communications and improved decision-making. Adaptive Insights for Sales lets people do just that: optimize resources and improve sales predictability, while integrating with the corporate plans using its business planning cloud.”

Already receiving accolades for having the best financial management solution of 2017 in the 32nd annual SIIA CODiE Awards, the company expects the release of Adaptive Insights for Sales will continue to help organizations realize their vision of integrated financial and operational planning.

According to Mark Chamberlain, vice president of sales operations at Ivanti, "When you get to the final stages of planning and you’re tweaking the model to try and eke out additional EBITDA or revenue growth, you need an integrated tool that enables you to see the impact of changing a single variable on the rest of the business."

To learn more about Adaptive Insights for Sales, visit the web site, or read the blog.

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