NFL Finance Teams Turn to the Cloud for Winning Budgets, Forecasts, and Analysis

Adaptive Insights Works with NFL Teams to Accelerate Planning and Drive Organizational Success

Jan 30, 2018

Adaptive Insights, a recognized leader in cloud strategic corporate performance management (CPM), works with National Football League (NFL) teams to manage financial planning in the cloud, adding to the large portfolio of professional sports teams using its business planning software. The company’s software enables finance and business users across organizations of all sizes to plan, forecast, and analyze their business resulting in greater agility.

Although Super Bowl 2018 is fast approaching, for NFL team finance leaders, planning isn’t seasonal.  Managing budgets across disparate functions and departments, such as facilities, cheer squad, ticket sales, training, stadium operations, marketing, and more, is an ongoing process throughout the year. In order to consistently meet their plans as well as the stringent NFL reporting requirements, teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Minnesota Vikings use Adaptive Insights to better manage their business. 

“Agility is important to these teams both on and off the field,” said Tom Bogan, CEO of Adaptive Insights. “The ability to have a holistic view of their business allows these organizations to make better, faster decisions resulting in greater business agility. We’re thrilled to work with these and many other sports franchises to deliver a game-changing finance solution.”

Cloud Planning Scores for Collaboration, Accuracy Across the Organization

Sports franchises, including baseball, basketball, and football, are increasingly turning to Adaptive Insights to plan faster, smarter, and with more agility. With hundreds of employees, billion-dollar stadiums and arenas, and wholly-owned subsidiaries, today’s professional sports organizations are as complex as any multi-divisional business.

For many franchises, the ability to do what-if scenarios enables their teams to explore the trade-offs of many key expenses, from equipment costs to international travel to advertising. Additionally, teams manage separate budgets in anticipation of making it to the play-offs, or in the case of NFL teams, even next week’s Super Bowl. What they all share in common is a need for their numbers to be managed in a comprehensive system.

The Minnesota Vikings have more than 65 departments, with associated budgets, that must be rolled up to finance. From sponsorships to scouting to events and more, this complex organization has turned to the cloud for both planning and reporting.

“We do three types of reporting: for internal use, for our owners, and for the NFL,” said executive vice president and chief financial officer Steve Poppen of the Minnesota Vikings. “By reducing manual reporting and putting it into the cloud solution from Adaptive Insights, we’ve become the trusted source of data for the Vikings, which allows us, as an organization, to make better decisions faster.”

Moving to the cloud ensures greater accuracy, unification, and speed for all layers of the business, thanks to a shared perspective and ability to adjust to changing circumstances in a unified fashion. These teams, along with more than 3,700 companies, use the cloud-based Adaptive Suite, which includes planning, budgeting, reporting, and analytics capabilities.

About Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights is a recognized leader in cloud corporate performance management (CPM). The company's Adaptive Suite enables companies of all sizes to collaboratively plan and model, easily access real-time analytics, streamline complex financial reporting, and accelerate financial consolidation. With this best-practice active planning process, Adaptive Insights differentiates with easy, powerful, and fast software that empowers more than 3,700 customers in over 50 countries to drive business success.

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