Enterprise planning that helps you make better decisions, faster

Model, report, and analyze your business at any scale and complexity using our flexible and easy-to-use planning platform.

Use enterprise planning software to enable an active planning process for FP&A and the business

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Equip every team with the tools and insights to successfully plan and adapt in a changing world.

workday adaptive planning for every team


  • Easily model scenarios so you can respond to change in real-time
  • Report and analyze faster, with greater accuracy for timely insights


  • Model your workforce the way you manage your business: by department, cost center, level, location, position, skills, and more
  • Make the right hiring decisions with timely insights—as a team


  • Dynamically plan sales resources, set equitable quotas, and improve sales predictability—all while keeping pace with changing business needs
  • Design targeted, manageable, and balanced sales territories—so your teams can do their best work


  • Increase demand and supply forecast accuracy
  • Understand forecast changes and drivers; collaborate with departments to course correct


  • Select the right campaign mix with what-if analysis based on a fixed level of investment
  • Ensure marketing spend at the right level for the right programs with reports and dashboards designed for business users


  • Prioritize IT Asset and Project Investment with driver-based modeling that shows financial and operational impact
  • Optimize resources through capacity planning, buy-borrow-build modeling, and project spend analysis

Spend more time on analysis and less time on tedious tasks.

Workday Adaptive Planning for every team

Give your IT team a break, and give everyone a single source of truth

Until now, planners were typically left with two familiar, but inefficient options:

Option 1: Overly complex and expensive legacy planning solutions that prevent true enterprise-wide planning and restrict access to a small group of “experts.”

Option 2: The chaotic and error prone combination of spreadsheets and emails that kill productivity and generate confusion (if you have nightmares about consolidating hundreds of spreadsheets and tracing errors to their source, you’re not alone).

Why stick with the status quo when you can play a more strategic role in your organization?

Workday Adaptive Planning connects systems, data, and business managers so that:

You understand and are prepared for any scenario.
You can make better business decisions more efficiently.
You can empower your organization with real-time insights.

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The best planning software–no matter how you use it.

Enjoy best-in-class enterprise planning software that gives you the unique power to plan, execute, and analyze in one system

Built with patent-pending Elastic Hypercube Technology, Workday Adaptive Planning offers power, scalability, and performance without compromising ease of use. This technology not only calculates complex models, but also adds memory and computing power when needed to evaluate model elements in parallel. With embedded intelligent planning powered by machine learning, users can model, report, and analyze with speed and flexibility.

Enterprise software in the cloud

Workday Adaptive Planning integrations

Integrate with core business systems

Organizations rely on business applications such as ERP, HCM, CRM, and others for timely execution. Workday Adaptive Planning integrates with any business system and external data source to enable comprehensive planning, analysis, and reporting. Purpose-built domain intelligence makes it easier and faster for users to build and adapt functional models. Compatibility with Microsoft Office products enables the quick creation of board reports, and the web-based, highly customizable interface allows users to operate in a familiar Microsoft Excel environment.

When deployed with Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management, you have an enterprise planning and management system that lets you plan, execute, and analyze across your business.

Before Workday Adaptive Planning, I personally used 185 spreadsheets and 400 workbooks. Workday Adaptive Planning has allowed for greater flexibility and integrity within the budget system. I now use about ten spreadsheets that are linked and automatically updated with Workday Adaptive Planning OfficeConnect.

Bryan Schmidt, Controller

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