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How to Bring About Finance Transformation on Your Own Terms

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The pandemic continues to transform businesses in ways that finance executives are not always able to predict. Yet as they seek solutions to immediate challenges they encounter throughout the pandemic; finance leaders are equipping their companies to better plan for the future by elevating the analytical expertise of the finance function.  
To enable their companies to evolve on their own terms, and not only in response to external circumstances, but finance leaders also recognize they need to change the role of the finance function from one that reports on past performance to one that discovers opportunities to improve performance. To do so, finance leaders are building finance teams with analytical acumen bolstered by technological advances in automation and artificial intelligence.

 3 Major Learning Points:

  • Why finance leaders are taking on increasing responsibility for defining and planning for transformation within their companies.
  • What new skills and capabilities finance leaders are seeking in order to establish the finance function as a source of forward-looking analytical expertise.            
  • How finance leaders can apply advances in automation and artificial intelligence to inform decisions about how best to prepare for the future of their businesses on their own terms.


This discussion is taken from Workday’s Navigator Series. - With the world changing so fast, the force of change is felt most acutely in the C-Suite. CFOs and their teams must accelerate digital initiatives to enable a resilient business and effectively respond to challenges and opportunities stemming from unprecedented events, emerging geo-political and economic factors, competitive pressures, and industry-specific dynamics. The Navigator Series aims to educate, so CFOs and their teams better understand practical application and actionable plans to achieve agility and digital acceleration.

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