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SaaS Finance: Moving Fast and Staying Nimble

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As a SaaS company ourselves, we know what it's like being on a SaaS finance team; it's an exercise in moving fast and staying nimble to keep pace in a dynamic marketplace.

We'd like to share with you how the Adaptive Insights finance team rapidly creates plans and forecasts with confidence, tracks and reports on key metrics, and benchmarks against peers.

Join Tom Peff, Director of Finance, and Connie DeWitt, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, as they discuss how Adaptive Insights:

  • Builds a robust model for continuous, agile planning of expenses, revenue, capacity, renewals and much more.
  • Track key SaaS metrics like customer acquisition costs (CAC), lifetime value (LTV), ARR bookings, and churn to enable data-based decisions.
  • Create dashboards that benchmark KPIs to comparable SaaS businesses.
  • Collaborate across the business to rapidly create plans and share reports with confidence.

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