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The New Reality for Business Planning and Analysis

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FEI hosts industry experts at KPMG, Workday, and ENMAX in a panel discussion focusing on three areas to enable real-time insights across the enterprise.  

Disruption is prompting FP&A transformation. Business planning and analysis (BP&A) teams endeavor to forecast the future so their organizations can better anticipate business needs. But unexpected events like COVID-19 can turn everyone's predictions on their head. Nevertheless, BP&A must still be able to deliver real-time business insights quickly and in a way that enables business leaders to make sound decisions. This means shifting away from the traditional financial planning and analysis function to one that focuses on business partnering and planning for the entire enterprise.   

The BP&A imperative is to provide value and identify paths to take forward, even in the wake of large, unforeseen disruptions. Be sure to lean in as this panel of experts helps identify key areas to help you begin the journey. Key areas of focus will be: 

  • ​​​​​​​Mastering rapid strategic modeling. 
  • From Budget Cycle to Continuous Forecasting; Shifting to driver-based continuous forecasting. 
  • Becoming a value creator through data-driven decisions. 


This discussion is taken from Workday’s Navigator Series. - With the world changing so fast, the force of change is felt most acutely in the C-Suite. CFOs and their teams must accelerate digital initiatives to enable a resilient business and effectively respond to challenges and opportunities stemming from unprecedented events, emerging geo-political and economic factors, competitive pressures, and industry-specific dynamics. The Navigator Series aims to educate, so CFOs and their teams better understand practical application and actionable plans to achieve agility and digital acceleration.

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