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Top-Down Planning: The Art of the Quick and Dirty

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Need to get your financial plans up and running in a hurry? You’re not alone. But it’s easier than you might think to set up a simple and effective solution. Reddit’s Director of Finance, Skee yagi, was in a similar position and needed to roll out a solution fast, but needed one that could also easily scale with Reddit’s rapid growth. Hear how Reddit was able to quickly deploy a basic 3-statement financial model, and scale it to a blended bottom’s up approach, allowing self service input and reporting for budget owners.

Join this webinar to hear modern finance teams, including Reddit:

  • Create dynamic what-if models to inform the C-Suite of possible scenarios and strategies
  • Allow stakeholders to analyze their business with self-service reports
  • Join top down and bottoms up plans for detailed insights and forecasts

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