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Enhance Sage Intacct financial planning and modeling

Rapidly translate your Sage Intacct data into actionable insights with planning, modeling, and analytics from Workday Adaptive Planning

Improve your planning with Sage Intacct ERP by using Workday Adaptive Planning for finance

Accelerate your planning and modeling processes by automating the import and export of actuals and budgets between Sage Intacct and Adaptive Insights.

With active planning, we’re constantly iterating all the drivers in our model. It becomes smarter and smarter as you feed in actuals from Intacct down at the driver level, so the level of predictability becomes better and better.

Russell Nicholls, VP Finance, ServiceTitan

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Make finance more strategic with Sage Intacct and Workday Adaptive Planning

Critical accounting and finance processes like month-end close, reporting, and annual budgeting take too long due to disjointed data sources, multiple versions of the truth, and version control issues. This leaves your teams less time to engage and collaborate with the business stakeholders effectively.

When you integrate your cloud financial management software with your planning system, you are able to free up your finance resources to deliver strategic value to your organization. Instead of hunting down data and rebuilding tedious reports, spend your time understanding your business and developing deeper insights.

Business-managed integration accelerates planning

Whether adjusting rolling forecasts or creating new scenarios based on new transactional data, Workday Adaptive Planning provides the full complement of capabilities needed for a complete active planning process. With a purpose-built integration and the ability to automate data imports and mappings between Sage Intacct and Workday Adaptive Planning, organizations that value strategic financial teams are able to speed up their business processes, enhance collaboration, and deliver the deeper insights needed to manage their organizations.

Our native integration automatically maps 250+ Sage Intacct objects to Workday Adaptive Planning. There's also no need to burden your IT department. The integration is designed with finance users in mind, so you can manage your integration easily.

Self-service Sage Intacct reporting and analytics with real-time data

Easy drag-and-drop self-service management reporting empowers users to visualize and track financial and operational performance using real-time data from Sage Intacct cloud-based financial management software. Refresh reports and charts in presentations and board books with a single click. Tasks that took hours or days to complete, now take only minutes or even seconds.

Instead of racking your brain and wondering if you are working with the right version of the data, try something smarter than a static spreadsheet. With Workday Adaptive Planning, you'll easily build shared KPI dashboards and confidently monitor financial progress together with your stakeholders.

See why more Sage Intacct customers rely on us for their planning and modeling.

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Since the use of Workday Adaptive Planning, I feel my confidence level has grown in the ability to analyze the data more efficiently and more holistically. It's a very flexible solution and it lets us match that flexibility to an industry that is constantly evolving.

Mitch Feinberg, Sr. Analyst, Finance & Strategy, Evariant

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There is no better budgeting, planning, and analytics platform to complement Sage Intacct cloud-based financial management software.

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