Budgeting and forecasting software that scales

Harness our world-class budgeting, forecasting, and planning solution to keep up with today’s constantly shifting business landscape.

With more precise forecasting and accurate reporting, senior leaders are able to make smarter decisions because they have real-time visibility into data.

Principal Financial Analyst, SALT

It’s time for a modern budgeting and forecasting solution.

Outdated FP&A platforms can leave today's enterprise struggling with limitations on model size, dimensionality, number of versions, and batching, not to mention constraints on the number of what-if scenarios you can run. Workday Adaptive Planning removes those limitations, freeing you to plan, budget or forecast as you want, when you want, and as much as you want.

Budget, forecast, and model everything.

We make it easy for you to plan and forecast around your fiscal calendar, academic calendar, funding schedules, revenue recognition schedules, and other business milestones. You’ll be able to analyze data by program, department or business unit and roll everything up to a fully interconnected financial model for your business. Whether you’re budgeting expenses, forecasting revenue, planning your workforce, or projecting capital costs, our software gives you the versatility and flexibility you need.

Accurately forecast the impact of multiple scenarios.

Accelerate your financial forecasting and budgeting process with a planning platform that is intelligent and scalable. Workday Adaptive Planning is powered by the Elastic Hypercube Technology engine that calculates model elements in parallel—adding memory and computer power when you need it. You’ll be able to create and compare multiple driver-based models that incorporate real-time financial and operational data. That’s faster insights for you—and for decision-makers.

Build better KPIs.

It’s difficult to identify and measure the right KPIs, unless you’ve run scenarios and tested the results of your hypotheses. Whether to hire more salespeople, or expand into new markets, or delay releasing your new project; all of these decisions should be driven by data, not gut instinct. With a powerful, comprehensive enterprise planning solution, you’ll be able to identify a path forward, create measurable KPIs, and align your organization around common goals.

Learn how world-class modeling can be part of your business planning.

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Choose your preferred interface (including Excel).

Choose from multiple interfaces that let you work the way you’re accustomed to—even as you move away from manual FP&A data entry and strict modeling limits to powerful, automated processes and the ability to model anything you want. Our familiar, easy-to-use web-based planning sheets deliver an Excel-like experience with all the benefits of collaborative cloud modeling. No matter what interface you choose, you can take advantage of one source for data, powerful calculation engine, common user security and integrated workflow.

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Increase collaboration and adoption.

Engaging the broader organization in scenario planning and what-if analysis gives you a significant competitive advantage as well as a real-time view on challenges and opportunities. Your operational leaders often have more current information than you do. And when they can easily access data and share reports they can more easily collaborate with you to create robust models. When you work from the same, unified source of data, it’s easier to build alignment and much easier to increase broad adoption of your budgets and forecasts.

Workday Adaptive Planning Integrations

Connect all your systems.

No other budgeting and planning solution has the speed, flexibility, and acclaimed ease-of-use. And thanks to our tight, platform-agnostic integration with back-end enterprise solutions from NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and others, you can keep models always up to date by automatically feeding them with data from your ERP, or GL, or HCM, or CRM.

Already using Workday HCM and/or Financial Management?

Workday Adaptive Planning connects seamlessly with Workday HCM and/or Workday Financial Management, giving you a single source of truth for all of your planning, transactional, and operational data.

Learn how world-class budgeting and forecasting can be part of your business planning environment.

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Workday Adaptive Planning has allowed us to increase engagement and significantly reduce the time spent on the budget process. It’s simpler, people are more involved, and it takes a lot less time.

Kevin Bradshaw, Finance Director, Kindred at Home

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