Model your business. Forecast its future.

Harness world-class modeling to stay ahead in finance, sales, workforce planning, and beyond

With nearly 500 restaurants worldwide, we wanted to move planning beyond finance and out to the restaurants where the action is. We were challenged to find a solution that each restaurant manager could use, yet still had the powerful capabilities we needed to manage the complex planning and modeling of the entire organization.

CFO, P.F. Chang's

Model your business exactly how you want to

You should be able to model your business in the same way you view it. So we make it easy for you to perform financial modeling around your fiscal calendar, academic calendar, funding schedules, revenue recognition schedules, and other business milestones. Create models by program, department or business unit, and roll them up into a single, fully interconnected financial model for your business. You can even choose tabular models and views for workforce planning or cube models for revenue.

Here's just a brief sample of the types of models we support:

Accelerate insights by modeling rapidly

Our in-memory planning cloud exceeds the traditional limits of financial modeling and analysis by delivering an engine that’s intelligent and scalable. Our Elastic Hypercube Technology understands complex model dependencies so it doesn’t waste time recalculating results that haven’t changed. It can also calculate model elements in parallel and elastically add memory and computing power when you need it. That’s less waiting for you—and faster insights for decision-makers.

Everybody plans—so make it possible for them to model, too

We know that in business, everybody plans. So your business planning platform should be flexible enough to model and forecast anything—expenses, capital, headcount, revenue, projects, grants, quotas, and territories. And model for any department, any entity, any functional use–sales capacity, workforce, or marketing. With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can model it all.

You’re a dynamic enterprise—now you can model like one

Outdated planning platforms can leave today's enterprise struggling with limitations on model size, dimensionality, number of versions, and batching, not to mention constraints on the number of what-if scenarios you can run. Workday Adaptive Planning removes those limitations, freeing you to model as you want, when you want, and as much as you want.

Easily connect to ERP, GL, HCM, and other data sources

No other planning solution has the speed, flexibility, and acclaimed ease-of-use. And thanks to our tight, platform-agnostic integration with back-end enterprise solutions from NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and others, you can keep models always up to date by automatically feeding them with data from your ERP, GL, HCM, and CRM systems. And if you’re a Workday user, you can pull in data from your other Workday solutions to build even more robust models.

Business-managed integrations help you stay agile while reducing the burden on your IT resources. Our click-not-code approach to configuring and automating integrations ensures that the data flows seamlessly, reliably, and you can enjoy not having to shuffle around CSV files.

Learn how world-class modeling can be part of your business planning environment.

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Excel user? Welcome to a seamless experience

We’re all about flexibility. Choose from multiple interfaces that let you work the way you’re accustomed to—even as you move away from manual data entry and strict modeling limits to powerful, automated processes and the ability to model anything you want. Our familiar, easy-to-use web-based planning sheets deliver an Excel-like experience with all the benefits of collaborative cloud modeling. No matter what interface you choose, you can take advantage of centralized data entry, instantly calculated results, organizational security, and workflow that eliminates duplicated time and effort.

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 Web Interface

See how everyone’s plans and data are all connected

Use our Visual Model Overview to quickly grasp your business model’s dependencies and data flows in a single view. See a picture of your model that dynamically updates with the version and level you select. Understand your model and data flows without clicking through multiple pages. Grasp your overall planning process quickly, and equip new administrators to come up to speed with ease and understand your model in little time.

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Workday Adaptive Planning has allowed us to increase engagement and significantly reduce the time spent on the budget process. It’s simpler, people are more involved, and it takes a lot less time.

Kevin Bradshaw, Finance Director, Kindred at Home

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