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Seamless Oracle integration for EPM

Bring enterprise-level insights to your business by integrating Oracle ERP with Workday Adaptive Planning

Improve your planning with Oracle ERP by using Workday Adaptive Planning for finance

By integrating Oracle ERP with Workday Adaptive Planning, you can create forecasts and budgets populated with current data.

Develop a planning strategy that works

Finance teams shouldn’t have to spend time gathering data or overcoming blind spots in order to manage budgets, forecasts, KPIs, and executive initiatives. By integrating Oracle with Workday Adaptive Planning, you can orchestrate holistic plans with input from those closest to the business (e.g., sales, human resources, and marketing), without requiring ongoing support from IT. Produce accurate budgets quickly and easily with confidence.

Workday Adaptive Planning intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets any user:

  • Reconcile variances
  • Create dashboards and reports
  • Adapt rapidly to internal and external business drivers

Analyze at scale

Powered by Elastic Hypercube Technology (our in-memory calculation engine), Workday Adaptive Planning equips financial professionals like you to model, report, and analyze data, regardless of scale and complexity. You can model and analyze the entire business, no matter how data-intensive or complex.

Enterprise-level businesses who use Oracle ERP rely on Workday Adaptive Planning to harness complex data in near real-time. Build reports with rich analysis that:

  • Model complex scenarios
  • Create forecasts and budgets populated with current data
  • Drive collaboration between all corners of the enterprise

See how you can more accurately predict revenue and better align your plans with goals.

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Deliver more insights faster

Connecting your Oracle ERP with Workday Adaptive Planning gives you everything you need for continuous and comprehensive financial planning, reporting, and analysis. Whether it’s understanding the impacts of increased personnel costs, sales territory changes, or expansion into new markets, you need a solution that can model what-if scenarios quickly and easily. You should be able to test multiple scenarios with confidence—knowing your data is reliable, accurate, and comprehensive.

Unleash the robust and complex modeling you need to drive strategic planning, including the ability to:

  • Model what’s coming next
  • Adapt to the unexpected
  • Plan for the future

Automate tedious finance tasks

No more month-end manual spreadsheet entry or wrestling with complex interfaces. Automatically import your Oracle financial data into Workday Adaptive Planning so you can be sure the numbers you show executives and board members are accurate and up-to-date.

By automating finance tasks you can:

  • Increase accuracy and collaboration
  • Build accurate reports that are easy for anyone to use
  • Have confidence that your numbers are current and accurate
  • Free up your time on higher-value activities

Plan smarter, report faster, and analyze better. Get hands-on with your free trial of Workday Adaptive Planning.

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Plan without limits

Need to make a change to your model? Any changes made will propagate throughout the system, so calculations and dependencies remain intact, and you can model unlimited what-if scenarios to test any hypothesis.

With Workday Adaptive Planning OfficeConnect, you can build reports in MS Excel, Word, or PowerPoint automatically, with no reformatting, so you can deliver stunning reports in minutes. Regardless of which business unit views and inputs data into your finance system, Oracle ERP and Workday Adaptive Planning put the right tools in the hands of the right people at the right time.