Sales analysis and forecasting

Ensure reps deliver better, more predictable performance — no matter what happens

Improve productivity and make smarter decisions sooner

Harness the speed, scalability, and usability of Workday Adaptive Planning.

  • Ensure assumptions are based on historical performance and market data
  • Confidently identify gaps and risks
  • Fine-tune performance

Inform sales analysis with real-time data

Your sales KPIs rely on myriad data points from multiple sources. Now you can analyze and create an action plan for ramp rates, staffing levels, quota attainment, average sales cycle calculations, and more—all in one place.

  • Connect automatically to rep- and opportunity-level data in your CRM
  • Stop relying on email queries for updates and reports
  • Get the sales performance data you need, when you need it
  • Observe the effectiveness of your plan of record and understand where actuals deviate from planned assumptions

Take control of your sales forecast

Wield a powerful platform to manage your organization’s sales forecasting efforts.

  • Easily submit and roll up sales forecast inputs across your sales teams and leadership
  • Seamlessly bridge sales forecast data with pipeline analytics and funnel metrics
  • Gain insight into forecast accuracy and track week-to-week variance with ease
  • Forecast product demand across customers, segments, and geographies

Transform planning chaos into beautiful order with Workday Adaptive Planning for sales planning.

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Rely on a solution built for collaboration

Work effortlessly with counterparts across teams, geographies, and time zones on critical decisions. Our sales performance software is easy for anyone to use—and that makes collaboration easy, too.

  • Draw territory boundaries, allocate accounts and quota, and distribute headcount in one environment
  • Seamlessly link your sales strategy to your corporate plan
  • Automatically and intuitively have data flow across plans and versions
  • See changes reflected immediately in all plans
  • Rely on and work off a single source of truth

Visualize sales performance like never before.

Workday Adaptive Planning makes it easy to visualize sales performance, tell a story, and make smarter decisions faster. In real time, investigate the impact that changes in hiring, ramping, attainment, or quota assumptions will have on your plan. Perform what-if scenarios with ease to confidently inform planning decisions.

Plan without limits

Deploy Workday Adaptive Planning to tackle even the most complex planning needs.


  • Build models with no limits on dimensions
  • Recalculate all data within your model quickly
  • Easily rewire model logic


  • Run 10, 20, or 50 scenarios—as many as you want
  • Compare results to make the best decisions

Workday Adaptive Planning has given our sales operations team the ability to find and even create performance indicators that are meaningful to those running the business ... It’s given me the visibility and flexibility to do real-time analysis to see where our business is going.

Jeff Bergstrom, CFO, Winshuttle

Link your sales plan with your corporate plan to improve efficiency and productivity.

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