Sales capacity and headcount planning

Deploy the right reps in the right territories, close coverage gaps, anticipate expenses, and tie sales capacity to corporate strategy

Take control of your sales headcount plan

Manage and implement detailed assumptions—staffing, ramp rates, quotas, attainment, productivity, and attrition—with our intuitive dashboards.

  • Track sales coverage and address gaps to target
  • Add or redistribute headcount with ease
  • Pull in or push out hire dates
  • Change ramping schedules and view the effects in real time
  • Plan for and monitor rep attrition
  • Strengthen sales productivity through data-driven decisions

Tie staffing plans to your business strategy and costs

Workday Adaptive Planning makes it easy to automate complex, time-consuming tasks:

  • Staff by role, account type, location, and more
  • Factor in the full cost of hires before you make them
  • Determine impacts on span of control and sales rep productivity
  • See the impact of potential headcount changes in real time
  • Strategically plan incentive compensation to influence higher performance and drive key business outcomes

Transform planning chaos into beautiful order with Workday Adaptive Planning for sales.

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Factor in variables that impact sales capacity

Workday Adaptive Planning makes it easy to:

  • Set and modify plan assumptions around quota, seasonality, segment, attainment, ramping, hiring, productivity, and attrition
  • Compare versions with differing assumptions to triangulate on an optimal plan
  • See how shifting your assumptions impacts sales capacity and quota coverage

Link your sales plan with finance and HR

Workday Adaptive Planning consolidates and streamlines cross-functional processes to:

  • Enable multiple teams in your organization to work off a single source of truth
  • Empower cross-functional collaboration among sales, finance, and HR by ensuring that planned sales headcount fits into your organization’s broader hiring plan
  • Evaluate projected costs of what-if hiring scenarios

Make staffing decisions on insights, not instinct

Understand where you are now versus a winning plan:

  • Easily create and compare multiple versions of your headcount plan
  • Assess the effect of adding new hires or new customers on other functions in your organization—discover how overlay roles, customer success, tech support, and other teams may be impacted
  • Quickly summarize planned addition and reallocation of headcount across your sales hierarchy

I can use Workday Adaptive Planning for sales to change a growth percentage or number of headcount on the fly, see the results, and then have a conversation about the right direction we need to take for the business.

Pam Bragan, Senior Manager, Sales Planning and Analytics, Acquia

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