Sales quota planning and management

Increase productivity, reduce attrition, optimize attainment, and achieve more predictable sales performance

Set quotas that work—for you and your business

Translate bookings targets into attainable sales quotas. Use our flexible, data-driven tools.

  • Keep reps productive, successful, and motivated
  • Ensure sales rep quotas are in line with the available market opportunity
  • Establish a quota planning process based on data-driven insights

Plan like a modern enterprise

Static planning is manual, time-consuming, error-prone, and siloed. It’s planning via a patchwork of spreadsheets or outdated, hard-to-use software. But modern, active planning is continuous, comprehensive, and collaborative. Finally you can formulate, manage, and monitor your sales plan in one place, all while wielding essential sales metrics to drive a successful planning process.

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Seamlessly leverage data and operate from a single source of truth
Optimize sales coverage and quota distribution
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Align quota setting methodology with go-to-market strategy
Manage coverage in real time by visually monitoring performance

See results, not smirks

Poor quota planning leads to clusters of low and high performers. Underperformance results in missed targets, demotivated sales teams, and higher rates of attrition. Over-performers can cause you to overpay up to 10% in commission spend. Data-driven, optimized quotas result in an ideal distribution of attainment across your sales organization.

Avoid the attainment smirk

unbalanced attainment curve svg graphic
Unbalanced attainment curve
ideal attainment curve svg graphic
Ideal attainment curve, where 85% of reps meet their quotas

Transform planning chaos into beautiful order with Workday Adaptive Planning for sales.

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Set quotas based on insight, not instinct

Create a successful quota plan grounded in the latest data.

  • Ensure adequate quota coverage across your organization, and see impacts to plan changes in real time
  • Set realistic quotas grounded in data, and in line with available sales opportunity
  • Deploy quotas at leadership levels, accounting for over-assignment and adjustments with ease

Track your most important sales metrics

Measure sales team productivity against your quota plan, across an array of metrics.

  • Sales rep productivity
  • Hiring and attrition trends
  • Deployed quota versus planned quota
  • Overall and regional quota coverage throughout your sales hierarchy

Achieve more predictable sales performance

Nobody likes surprises. With Workday Adaptive Planning, you’ll keep yours to a minimum.


  • Visually monitor coverage by rep and territory
  • Use live dashboards featuring CRM actuals
  • Compare actual quota coverage versus planned to reveal potential gaps


  • Report on your likelihood of meeting sales targets
  • Easily course-correct when needed

Easily course-correct as goals and assumptions change

Bump growth assumptions by 10%? Lower quotas here, but increase them there? Macro-level impacts on certain markets? See the impact of changes right away using flexible templates, and plan across multiple scenarios.

  • Input and manage quotas by rep or by role
  • Quickly arrive at a plan that works in any scenario
  • When goals or assumptions change, run a new plan just as easily

We know confidently that our sales team is going to go into the year with a number and a plan that’s going to make them successful.

Pam Bragan, Sr. Manager of Sales Planning & Analytics, Acquia

Link your sales plan with your corporate plan to improve efficiency and productivity.

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