Sales territory planning and mapping

Design successful sales territories with real-world data and world-class analytics

Unleash the power of modern territory planning software

With Workday Adaptive Planning, balancing and mapping territories is straightforward.

  • Harness the right data points to intelligently design territories
  • Optimally allocate accounts to ensure that territories are balanced and targeted
  • Ensure full coverage across your account landscape
  • Balance and optimize territories as frequently as needed

Design balanced, targeted territories

Workday Adaptive Planning makes it easy to automate complex, time-consuming tasks.

  • Score the strength of territories and accounts to confidently create equitable, successful sales patches
  • Incorporate key data points around geographic data, account attributes, and industries to craft balanced territories
  • Visualize territories geospatially, and ensure assignments are aligned with quota and productivity assumptions

Powerful, flexible, and purpose-built for sales teams

  • Finally, sales operations and sales leadership can work together from a single source of truth containing the same data and assumptions and governed by the same end-to-end process
  • Seamlessly input various data sources such as leads, opportunities, accounts, and products from your CRM, as well as customer enrichment information (i.e., TAM data from Dun & Bradstreet)

Transform planning chaos into beautiful order with Workday Adaptive Planning for sales.

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Design territories that fit your sales model

Plan sales territories using the models that work best for your business. With the flexibility to plan each territory uniquely, and the power to build consistency around your territory planning process, your sales team will be empowered with territories that align with your objectives, whatever your go-to-market strategy may be.

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Strengthen your planning process

Empower your teams to collaborate on every critical step to foster an intuitive, comprehensive methodology behind segmentation and sales territory design.

icon tam
Assemble and organize your data set.
icon segmentation
Segment by geography, company size, vertical, product, and more.
icon assignment
Assign via named accounts, geo-based, or a hybrid model.
icon analysis
Analyze and optimize territories for balance.

With Workday Adaptive Planning for sales, we're able to look at multiple scenarios for growth projection—multiple sales plans—and are able to do a lot of what-if analysis a lot faster, and in real time.

Jeff Bergstrom, CFO, Winshuttle

Link your sales plan with your corporate plan to improve efficiency and productivity.

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