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Budgeting and financial planning for the healthcare industry

Increased competition and the Affordable Care Act reforms make planning, modeling, and reporting with Excel unsustainable in a constantly changing industry. Leading healthcare providers are using Workday Adaptive Planning to gain greater visibility into costs and margins, and to transform their planning, reporting, and performance management processes.

Using Workday Adaptive Planning, we’ve seen an ROI of close to $350,000 annually over a three-year period for over $1 million in savings.

Aimee McCorkle, VP of Business Operations, Kindred At Home

Deliver self-service planning and analytics to departments and facilities

Putting timely information and analytics into the hands of your branch or clinic managers can be a challenge when they’re in different locations. We make it simple, with cloud-based access to expense reporting, revenue forecasts, and more. Operational managers simply enter their assumptions and plans using a web browser, and headquarters gets an immediate, consolidated rollup with greater visibility into the planning process.

Manage uncertainty with rolling forecasts and advanced modeling capabilities

Industry reforms have made frequent planning more critical. Healthcare providers are using Workday Adaptive Planning to build rolling forecasts in a fraction of the time it used to take them with Excel-based processes. Our modeling capabilities let you rapidly create different scenarios and immediately assess their impact on your P&L, balance sheet, and cash flows.

Streamline healthcare operations with sophisticated, driver-based personnel planning

Simplify your workforce and expense planning. Our sophisticated budgeting and resource planning capabilities let you shift differentials, plan by personnel type, structure pay scales by the time of day or union affiliation, perform overtime workforce planning, and calculate employee-specific benefits.

Control costs and maintain margins with real-time KPIs

Our intuitive dashboards and reporting capabilities give you greater visibility into major financial and operational KPIs like prescription costs and cost per visit, as well as cost analyses sorted by physician, healthcare provider, procedure, or operating unit. Real-time monitoring of KPIs empowers business managers to make data-driven decisions that help track and control costs.

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Your prescription for a healthy FP&A process

Hear how Vivian Veloira from University Health Network was able to optimize finance processes and help leaders make sound business decisions while ensuring excellent patient care. You'll learn how her organization:

  • Improves forecast accuracy in a dynamic and fast-paced environment
  • Quickly performs what-if analysis and rolling forecasts when assumptions change
  • Creates and delivers more accurate and timely reports
  • Collaborates across multiple divisions and locations within the organization

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