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Need to respond to change as it happens? Now there’s a way to run your college or university with speed and agility

The higher education landscape continues to experience change. Rising tuition costs, new federal accountability mandates, and declining enrollments put increased emphasis on institutional agility. Against this backdrop, higher education ​i​nstitutions are expected to operate at peak efficiency and provide differentiated student services—all while operating costs and revenue streams fluctuate.

To address these challenges and stay competitive, colleges and universities must change their planning processes. That’s where Workday Adaptive Planning comes in.

Workday Adaptive Planning helps us to meld our financial data and non-financial data together to create a unified plan for the college, which we could not do before.

Steve Omli, Director of Finance and Accounting

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First-class financial planning in the cloud

Workday Adaptive Planning lets you collaborate across the organization so you can:

  • Align student data with financial data to support proactive planning
  • Shorten the budget cycle and free up FP&A for strategic activities
  • Gain greater visibility into income and expenses over the life of a grant
  • Streamline reporting and financial analysis to enable actionable insights

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University budgeting and forecasting​

​Plan with confidence

Shorten the budget cycle with integrated, enterprise-level budgeting and planning that puts an end to outdated, error-prone, manual approaches.

  • Develop reliable plans and model different segments of the organization
  • Give budget owners access to data with drill-down capabilities
  • Spend less time collecting data in spreadsheets and more time on analysis and strategic thinking
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Student and tuition planning

Build a more collaborative culture

Align student data with financial data and foster a more collaborative culture.

  • Combine general ledger and student data in a single source of truth and eliminate error-prone spreadsheets
  • Give users the ability to view real-time financial data that is impacted by rapidly changing enrollment numbers
  • Be able to perform multiple what-if analyses through flexible modeling that can better forecast tuition and fee revenue based on user-defined assumptions and trends
grant planning icon

Grant planning

Become more transparent

Generate visibility into income and expenses over the life of a grant.

  • Create grant-level funding and spending plans
  • See the financial impact of installments on budgets and forecasts over the life of a grant
  • Gain big-picture clarity into your overall research portfolio to position your organization to more effectively compete for and secure grants and contracts
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Staff and faculty planning

Workforce planning for higher education made easy

Salary and benefits planning that leverages HR data and drives budget assumptions.

  • Work with multiple fringe rates and apply to appropriate salaries
  • Integrate HR and payroll systems to pull in employee data
  • Gain greater insight into faculty and staff to optimize resources

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As a state university, we really have to be nimble with the changing tide that could happen quickly where our budget stands in line with the state’s budget. So having something like Workday Adaptive Planning, we have those capabilities to create various models, including financial, planning, and of course reporting.

Brian Teets, Financial Systems Manager, Montclair State University

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