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Planning and budgeting software for the public sector

Plan and budget using a single source of truth.

Plan and budget across your organization with confidence utilizing a single source of truth. Whereas legacy systems and spreadsheets can have countless “final” versions with conflicting assumptions and formulas, a single source of truth transforms the way you create and publish budget books—simultaneously improving transparency and governance. Managing multi-year budgeting and planning processes using a core set of data gives everyone the confidence that they’re working with the most current information.

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Model unlimited scenarios.

Ensure that your plans adhere to the requirements of your government or public sector organization while maintaining the flexibility to conduct unlimited what-if scenario analysis. Model multi-year personnel, position, benefit costs, capital investments, and more so that your organization can see the impact of decisions and emerging economic shifts on future revenue streams.

Enable self-service reporting.

Empower users with self-service reporting, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and dashboards that update with the click of a button. Gain insight into the status of planning workflows and approvals to manage the centralized planning and budgeting process more effectively. Self-service reporting allows departments to review and then submit budget proposals within the context of the larger organization. This ultimately strengthens collaboration and increases transparency by establishing common objectives and assumptions.

By implementing Workday Adaptive Planning and moving this process online, we eliminated manual data entry and paper distribution, decreased our budget cycle by a full month, and saved considerable time and money.

This is not just a finance tool. It's not just an HR tool. It's a business planning tool that is very much being integrated on a collaborative basis across the organization.

Manage risk and strengthen data security.

Now more than ever, data privacy and security are critical to the public trust. And spreadsheets and files sent through emails are a massive risk. Today’s public institutions require more than disconnected spreadsheets and unsecured user access. With powerful government budgeting software, you’ll be able to manage risk more effectively and respond quickly to potential security threats—all while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Easily plan and budget across jurisdictions, programs, and departments

Easily plan and budget across jurisdictions, programs, and departments.

Without a real-time holistic view of the budget across jurisdictions, programs, and departments, coordinating complex multi-year planning and decision-making processes is nearly impossible. With an easy-to-use, centralized source of data and a shared set of assumptions, plans flow to the right stakeholders at the right time. A robust planning and budgeting platform makes accommodating legislative directives or re-allocating funds and dividing resources across jurisdictions easier and faster.

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