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Cloud-based planning and forecasting yield winning results for hospitality

Restaurants and hotels are uniquely sensitive to consumer preferences. To keep up, industry leaders need a robust planning solution. That’s why successful, cutting-edge restaurants and hotels turn to Workday Adaptive Planning.

Flexible planning software that gives today’s hotels and restaurants a competitive edge

Workday Adaptive Planning enables collaboration across the organization so you can:

  • Generate robust revenue forecasts and budgets that capture real-time, location-specific fluctuations in staffing, occupancy, and pricing
  • Provide everyone in your hotel and restaurant chain—from front desk staff to executives to managers—access to the reports and data they need to optimize profitability
  • Plan a flexible workforce that accounts for seasonality
  • Perform what-if scenario modeling to test variable consumer spend, franchise expansions, and volatile operating costs

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Streamlined financials

Scalable and powerful hospitality planning for better decisions, faster

Workday Adaptive Planning cuts hotel and restaurant budget and forecast cycle times with powerful, user-friendly planning tools that:

  • Build accurate forecasts and analyze profitability to help decision-makers optimize performance
  • Reduce the time spent collecting spreadsheets and resolving formula errors
  • Adapt quickly to volatile business conditions
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Powerful insights

Company-wide planning and real collaboration for everyone

Collaborate across departments and locations with:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly tools that anyone can use to generate real insights—regardless of technical proficiency
  • A centralized planning platform that enables distributed teams to consolidate, reconcile, and compare plans
  • Responsive analytics that identify business opportunities and challenges
hospitality food + bev real-time workforce data

Real-time workforce data

Flexible workforce planning, powered by data

Linking HR and financial data with budgets and forecasts lets you:

  • Create budgets and forecasts with real-time staffing numbers, payroll, and overhead rates
  • Integrate HR and payroll systems to pull in employee data for each hotel and restaurant throughout the chain
  • Generate workforce plans that optimize revenue and increase staffing efficiency
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Optimized performance

Get better results across your organization by unifying financial and performance KPIs

Increase access to real-time KPIs to generate better decisions by:

  • Linking financial results to performance data, which improves tracking and reporting
  • Improving performance with real-time insights into potential cost savings and revenue opportunities
  • Enabling managers and operational leaders to take an active role in planning by giving them visibility into KPIs

From 2017 to 2018, we were able to trim 14 days off the reporting cycle to increase the timeliness of our board meetings. Previously, we would discuss data from the two periods prior to where we were. Now we’re reporting on data that’s fresh.

Kevin Murphy, Senior Vice President of Finance

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