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Technology Leader Adopts the Adaptive Suite to Keep Pace With Growth

Data Integration and Automation Build Forecasting Accuracy at A10 Networks

  • A10 Networks knows big data. In fact, it’s what the company does best: provide high-performance networking solutions for leading industries. The tech firm required the same comprehensive performance for its budgeting and planning. Upgrading to Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Discovery provided much needed insight into metrics, and the subsequent results—accelerated processes, detailed visual analytics, and nimble forecasting—brought about a more thorough approach to data management. In turn, that robust reporting and increased efficiency fueled an entire organizational shift to a more data-driven, strategic culture.



    • Desired a comprehensive solution for planning and decision-making
    • Lacked deeper insights into trends and forecast assumptions
    • Required understanding of bookings and gross margins trends early in the quarter


    • Finance team’s workflow process reduced by three days per month
    • Critical daily metrics shared faster and more easily with internal decision-makers for course-correcting anything trending off-target
    • One-click refresh of all monthly board decks and financial reporting reduced a full-day exercise down to minutes
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    A10 Networks is a leader in application networking, providing a range of high-performance application networking solutions that help organisations ensure that data center applications and networks remain highly available, accelerated, and secure. Founded in 2004, A10 Networks is based in San Jose, CA, and serves customers globally, with offices worldwide.

    San Jose, CA
    Software and technology

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Streamlining Processes Frees Up 36 Days Annually for Deeper Analysis

The A10 finance team has used Workday Adaptive Planning to cut three days off of their workload each month – one by automating daily key performance indicator (KPI) analysis and reporting, and another day accelerating the company’s monthly financial close cycle.

That third day of savings came when the team implemented a connector between their Oracle ERP system and Workday Adaptive Planning for revenue modelling. The connector automatically inputs bookings, shipments, and gross margin data into the team’s financial models within Workday Adaptive Planning. It’s a technology upgrade that made three very impactful improvements:
• Heavily reduce data entry errors
• Elimination of time-consuming tasks involving extracting and consolidating data
• A single version of the truth for performance against financial metrics for employees worldwide

"With Workday Adaptive Planning, we’re able to create much more accurate financial forecasts by employing real time data analysis on key business trends, and then ascertain what those trends mean for our business," said A10 Networks Director of FP&A Zoby Shaikh, explaining how the finance team is accelerating performance management. "As a result, we have much better visibility into what these trends depict regarding our prior assumptions, and thus how we should revise these assumptions versus what we planned. Our daily gross margin tracking allows us to optimally structure transactions throughout the quarter."

In addition to tracking bookings, shipments, and backlog data, A10 Networks deployed Workday Adaptive Planning at all of its worldwide locations to accelerate a wide range of processes, including:
• Monthly financial reporting cycles
• Personnel planning
• OPEX forecasting
• Annual planning, and budgeting

Dashboards for Everyone

When the finance team incorporated Workday Adaptive Planning’ visual analytics dashboards, Shaikh was able to lead an entire organisational shift to a more data-driven culture that enforced close and regular monitoring of key business drivers against financial performance goals.

"We need to understand where bookings and gross margins are trending early in the quarter," said Shaikh. "Workday Adaptive Planning enables us to easily analyse these critical daily metrics, and share that analysis with internal decision-makers so that they can course-correct anything that’s trending off target."

The A10 team will integrate data from multiple sources such as Oracle,, Marketo, and Workday next to provide a centralised view of all key performance indicators specific to managers in Sales, Marketing, and HR, in addition to the entire executive team. "Workday Adaptive Planning is fast becoming our one-stop shop for all metrics across our business," said Shaikh.

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